ELLIPAL 5th Year Anniversary Celebration Redefines New Security Trend: Self-Custody is Winning

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    Published March 12, 2023

    Recently, ELLIPAL, a well-known air-gapped cold wallet provider, celebrated its 5th To celebrate, we have redefined a new security trend product, Self-Custody, to the market. Air-gapped cold wallet products like ELLIPAL Eripal Titan and Eripal Titan Minihas been protecting critical crypto assets since 2018. This year ELLIPAL celebrates his 5th anniversary and welcomes the self-custody trend.

    “Neither a key nor a coin”

    Since 2018, Eripal has provided a solution to secure private keys. ELLIPAL uses cold wallets to protect private keys using secure air-gapped and tamper-proof technology. Their security features help protect your cryptocurrency from both online and offline hacking.

    ELLIPAL not only provides users with excellent security, but also accessibility. With 5 years of development, ELLIPAL has added many useful features to the wallet such as trading, buying, staking, DeFi, etc. Ellipal also supports over 51 blockchains and their tokens, with over 10,000 tokens and coins supported. We have also developed native NFT support to allow users to view their NFTs directly in her ELLIPAL app. Users can also visit many of his NFT marketplaces to freely and securely trade collections on the go.

    Constant innovation for security

    ELLIPAL never stopped innovating new products and services to make the crypto space safer for everyone. Last year, ELLIPAL updated 3 security products for its users.

    ·Eripal Titan Mini

    ELLIPAL Titan Mini is designed to be compact for enhanced portability, with security features such as air-gapped transactions, anti-tampering technology and competitive performance. The small size also means that cold wallets can be easily hidden.

    ·Eripal Joyseedphrase generator

    ELLIPAL Joy is the world’s first open source and offline private key generator. We ensure that your cryptocurrency wallet private keys are safe and trustworthy. It uses a true random number generator, adheres to the BIP39 standard, and has open source code that users can access to verify the security of the private key generation process. Users can use her ELLIPAL Joy to create trusted mnemonics and import them into any wallet.


    The ELLIPAL Seedphrase Steel is a metal device designed to protect seedphrases. The device is made of stainless steel and is physically strong, corrosion and fire resistant, making it suitable for withstanding harsh conditions. Highly portable, easy to hide and compatible with all his BIP39 wallets. ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Steal is intended to keep backup seed phrases safe for generations, making them more reliable and long-lasting compared to the traditional method of writing them down on paper or storing them in a computer. offers a variety of options.

    360 degree security

    As cryptocurrencies become more and more important economically, people need to know how to protect their assets from all kinds of threats. and the user is fully protected. ELLIPAL Joy eliminates the threat of closed source and untrusted private key generation by exclusively providing the most secure unique private keys. ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Steal protects backup seed phrases and allows users to retain them for generations. Finally, the ELLIPAL Titan Mini protects your assets offline so they cannot be hacked. Together with ELLIPAL, users can lead a perfect self-custodian life.

    an increasingly secure future

    Security in the crypto space will only improve as people move away from exchanges and embrace self-control. At ELLIPAL, everyone continues to take pride in their contributions to cryptographic security. With strengths in R&D in cryptographic security, ELLIPAL helps make crypto safer for everyone.

    But improving security is not enough. ELLIPAL also aims to make security more accessible to everyone, regardless of age or experience. ELLIPAL will continue to make the product as easy and simple as possible, ensuring the inclusion of features that enable the wallet to be used for daily cryptocurrency spending/transactions. In this way, ELLIPAL makes self-management an easy process for everyone and creates a more secure crypto space.

    Over the next five years, ELLIPAL hopes to increase the brand’s influence in 20 major countries, continue to educate users about cryptographic security, and live up to its motto of safe and easy to use. They will continue to upgrade their product and aim to add support for 20 more blockchains in 2023. Eripal believes that the potential user base of cryptocurrency wallets could reach 1 billion in the future. As such, Eripal will continue to invest in developing better and better security solutions.

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