Elliptic and BlockTrace Forge Strategic Partnership to Bolster National Security in the Digital Asset Realm

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    Elliptic and BlockTrace form strategic partnership to strengthen national security in digital assets
    October 12, 2023
    October 12, 2023

    kelly cromley

    Elliptic, a leading blockchain analytics and data intelligence provider, and BlockTrace, a cyber intelligence integration expert, are partnering to strengthen the ability of national security agencies to protect critical infrastructure in the face of evolving cyber threats. announced a strategic partnership aimed at The partnership comes as digital currencies and blockchain technology increasingly integrate into the global financial system, providing national security agencies with nuanced expertise, deep intelligence data, and cutting-edge tools. The need is growing.

    The digital asset space is witnessing a surge in illegal activities involving state and non-state actors abusing decentralized financial platforms and blockchain technology. This not only poses a threat to the financial system, but also affects national security frameworks globally.

    Elliptic, known for its extensive repository of encrypted identity data and tracking capabilities, has partnered with BlockTrace, an expert in cyber intelligence integration, to provide national security agencies with the information they need to proactively counter these emerging threats. provides powerful insights and features. James Smith, co-founder of Elliptic, highlighted the synergies of this partnership:

    “The synergy between Elliptic’s extensive cryptographic data intelligence and hardening capabilities and BlockTrace’s cyber intelligence integration expertise creates a formidable force in the fight against cyber threats. Our joint efforts , aims to foster a safer and more secure digital environment by providing national security agencies with unparalleled insights and tools to help them stay ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving field. Masu.”

    At the heart of this collaboration is the integration of Elliptic’s robust encrypted identity data with BlockTrace’s pioneering cyber intelligence applications. This integration will enable government agencies to develop customized cyber data solutions that incorporate blockchain, open source, and proprietary data on a unified platform, representing a significant step forward in strengthening the national security framework. .

    Elliptic and BlockTrace, which has had significant success with numerous U.S. government clients to date, have developed a set of capabilities designed to facilitate preparedness and resilience against potential cyberattacks. Shaun MaGruder, Founder and CEO of BlockTrace, emphasized the importance of data integration in the digital age:

    “In this digital age, the integration of data from leading blockchain intelligence agencies is critical to giving national security and other public sector allies a decisive advantage against emerging threats. Through our partnership, we leverage the power of data integration to provide a comprehensive and proactive approach to cyber defense, protecting national assets and interests from potential breaches.”

    Elliptic is a recognized global leader in providing blockchain analytics and data intelligence, and a pioneer in developing investigation and compliance solutions for government agencies, financial institutions, and cryptocurrency businesses around the world. Founded in 2013, his Elliptic is dedicated to providing actionable intelligence to identify illegal activity on the blockchain and prevent financial crimes in the digital asset space.

    The strategic partnership between Elliptic and BlockTrace represents a significant step forward in addressing the pressing need to strengthen national security capabilities in the face of growing cyber threats in the realm of digital currencies and blockchain technology. Masu. As these technologies continue to play an increasingly important role in the global financial landscape, this collaboration is poised to provide valuable advantages in protecting critical infrastructure and combating illegal activity.


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