Elon Musk Hires New Twitter CEO, Steps Down in Six Weeks

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    Has been updated – This article has been updated to include the approval of Yaccarino as the new CEO.

    Elon Musk has announced that NBCUniversal executive Linda Yaccarino will be the new CEO of Twitter.

    The billionaire entrepreneur said he was “thrilled” to announce the hiring of Yaccarino, who will focus “primarily on running the business” on the social media platform.

    “[She] I will focus primarily on business operations, but I will focus on product design and new technology,” Musk said. I have written on Twitter on Friday.

    “We look forward to working with Linda to transform this platform into X for all apps.”

    On Thursday, Mr. Musk said on Twitter that he had found a replacement for him, but did not name the new executive. As The Wall Street Journal reported earlier, the market was flooded with rumors that it might be Yaccarino.

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    The CEOs of Tesla and SpaceX announced in tweets that a new CEO will take over the position within the next six weeks.

    He previously said his dog would become the social media platform’s new CEO.

    “We are thrilled to announce that X/Twitter has hired a new CEO.

    Whether or not he appoints a new CEO, the great is expected to maintain a strong hold on Twitter.

    He said he will become chairman of the board and chief technology officer (CTO) of the company, overseeing the operations of its products, software and systems.

    Is Linda “stupid enough” for the job?

    In December, Musk polled users on Twitter asking if they should step down as CEO. The survey ended with a majority of users (57%) voting affirmatively.

    Mr. Musk went on to say he would abide by the poll results, but later backtracked, suggesting that he would hand over the job as soon as he found “someone stupid enough to take it.”

    In late February, he reiterated that he plans to find a replacement by the end of the year.teeth Yaccarino Who will replace him?

    Although he did not mention a successor, Mr. Yaccarino’s name has been brought up many times. Dylan Byers, a journalist and founder of media company Puck, also confirmed it was her in an article. Tweet.

    “Elon Musk plans to make NBCUniversal head of advertising Linda Yacarino the next CEO of Twitter, according to two sources familiar with the matter,” he said, adding that she shares the same political views as Musk. and implied that they shared

    Yaccarino recently hosted the Possible advertising conference in Miami, where he interviewed Musk.

    The Verge reported that the interview was “hot”, with Yaccarino tweeting how excited NBCU was to partner with Twitter for the upcoming Olympics.

    She also said in a tweet sharing the chat that she was a big supporter of “free speech.”

    Yaccarino I have worked for NBCUniversal for over 10 years. As chairman of NBCUniversal’s global advertising and partnerships, she worked to improve advertising effectiveness and played a key role in the launch of the organization’s ad-supported Peacock streaming service, according to the WSJ.

    Meanwhile, her LinkedIn profile shows that she has a global team of 2,000 members, connecting emerging and established brands with hundreds of millions of views and making an impact across all sectors. .

    other names in the ring

    Speculation is also growing that Ella Irwin is the frontrunner for the CEO post, according to a Business Insider report. She is Twitter’s vice president of trust and safety and is reportedly a mask advocate.

    Mr. Irwin replaced Mr. Yoel Roth in the role late last year after Mr. Ross appeared to have clashed with Mr. Musk over the company’s work on health issues.

    Irwin has reportedly played a key role in bringing about changes at the microblogging company, including scrapping its misinformation policy. She previously worked at Google and she at Amazon, where she focused on the credibility and safety of her advertising, as well as market risk.

    “Everybody thinks it’s going to be her,” an employee told Business Insider.

    Sources familiar with the company have reportedly suggested that Irwin’s move to San Francisco, where he now lives in Seattle, may have contributed to the delay in his appointment as CEO. It is said that

    take on many challenges

    Incoming CEOs are expected to deal with many complex challenges in social media platforms. Musk was bought for $44 billion October of last year. The billionaire said he wanted to make a radical change to the company, building Twitter beyond social media into “any app,” including financial services.

    Musk cut thousands of jobs, curtailed content control at the company, and allowed accounts that had previously been banned for violating rules to be reinstated.

    Among other issues, new executives will have to deal with: aftermath from ownershipwhich also includes advertiser outflow.

    Musk said in March that Twitter’s revenue had fallen 50% since October due to a “huge drop” in advertising, although user numbers have increased slightly since early 2022. The company’s subscription service plan, Twitter Blue, has also failed, attracting less than 1% of its user base.

    With Yaccarino, Twitter has an executive Closely related to advertising Extensive experience in the media industry and personal relationships with most executives at Twitter’s key ad holding companies.

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