Elon Musk’s X ) Previews Transparency Standards for Users

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    On September 26th, X designer Andrea Conway announced changes that will allow users to see if their account is “labeled.” This change ends so-called shadowbans on the platform.

    Commentators say the changes will make Elon Musk’s social media platforms more trustworthy and transparent.

    more open X

    Significant improvements to X’s transparency standards ensure that users are always notified when a moderator labels their account unfavorably.

    On Tuesday, X designer Andrea Conway shared a revealing mock graphic of the new feature, which is still on hold for now.

    According to a graphic Conway shared with her 45,000 followers, users will receive a warning if a moderator labels them.

    “We’ve added a label to your account. It may affect your reach,” the warning says.

    The label applies when an account “may contain sensitive media” that includes “graphic, violent, nudity, sexual conduct, hateful symbols, or other sensitive content.”

    The notice goes on to say, “We may cover your posts with a warning so that people who don’t want to see sensitive content can avoid them. Your account and its content may be covered by ‘For You’ or ‘For You.’ There may also be restrictions, such as being excluded from the “Following” timeline, recommended notifications, trends, or search results. ”

    Mr Conway added: “Copy and UI [user interface] Details are not final. ”

    Conway went on to say that this feature is “probably almost certainly” [sic] “to be accessible outside of notifications,” but final details and implementation are still being worked out.

    Mr. Musk’s promise will soon be fulfilled

    Conway’s update confirmed that Mr. X is fulfilling Mr. Musk’s promise dating back to December of last year.

    “Twitter is working on a software update that will show you your true account status, so you can clearly see if you’ve been shadowbanned, why, and how to appeal,” Musk said in 2022. stated on December 9th.

    in August, Musk reiterated the company’s commitment to this policy, saying it is a “top priority” for the company.

    Judging by the community’s response to Conway’s X prototype, this feature is on its way to being a hit.

    Popular cryptocurrency influencer Alex Finn (God of NFT) Said“We truly believe that increased transparency is the most important feature we are introducing to X.”

    Musk aims to make X an “app for everyone” and announced a long list of features he wants to see on the platform in the near future.

    According to Finn, transparency ranks higher on users’ list of priorities than voice calls, monetization, and live streaming.


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