Emirates News Agency – Diplomatic community looks to metaverse to accelerate global diplomatic efforts: Accenture and AGDA report

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    ABU DHABI, 20 March 2023 (WAM) — The diplomatic community is increasingly adopting technology-enabled diplomacy in the Metaverse, as suggested by a joint Accenture and Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy (AGDA) report. I’m here.

    Entitled “Amplifying Diplomacy with the Metaverse,” the report seeks to foster greater cooperation between nations, facilitate the cross-border movement of talent, and make dialogue more inclusive, efficient and green. It highlights the potential of the metaverse to make

    Through web3 technologies such as blockchain, diplomatic interaction in the metaverse allows officials to leverage technology to make consultations and dialogues between foreign officials in various countries more interactive, immersive and imaginative. can be made into something Both continuing to develop strategic skills and facilitating administrative tasks in the metaverse are critical to success, says the report.

    However, the report also identifies key challenges that must be addressed for successful implementation of such interactions in the metaverse. These challenges include infrastructure readiness, technical barriers, security, and privacy concerns.

    AGDA Executive Director Nikolai Mladenov said: This report develops a use-case approach, exploring how the metaverse could transform diplomatic practices and enable more interactive, immersive, and imaginative diplomacy. ”

    Bashar Kilani, Managing Director of Accenture Middle East, commented: Reaping the full benefits of this disruptive and beneficial change requires a mindset shift. Progressive government initiatives such as Dubai’s Metaverse strategy and a nimble diplomatic community are fundamental to its success. ”

    AGDA Senior Research Fellow Dr. Seppe Verheyen added: The diplomatic community has become increasingly open to technology-facilitated collaboration. This report explores how Metaverse technology can support consular affairs, negotiation, reporting and training. ”

    Because the Metaverse has enormous potential to shape the present and future of diplomacy, the report identifies five initial steps diplomatic missions and governments can begin to investigate.

    The Metaverse will have a profound impact on the interaction of people, governments and businesses, and international organizations are harnessing its potential as a platform for collaborative, inclusive and effective international action, the report added. I’m explaining.

    Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum partnered with Accenture and Microsoft to unveil a working prototype of the Global Collaboration Village. It is a purpose-driven metaverse where organizations come together to learn, create solutions, and act on the world’s most pressing problems. Theme.


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