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    You can still register for the highly anticipated HR Tech Fest Connect 2023 on Wednesday, September 2023.

    Knowledge is power and it is essential that organizations share information on how to focus on their employees and continue to grow during difficult times. In line with this, the latest edition of HR Tech Fest Connect, Asia’s largest regional flagship conference on HR and work technology, will be held for one day only on September 27th to help HR leaders lead their organizations towards growth. Share key insights on workplace trends. And stability.

    Supported by Ceridian and adobethis year’s theme is The Connected Workplace: Helping HR Leaders Build an Engaged and Resilient WorkforceThe event will begin with a keynote speech by . Arthur Carmazzi,Founder, directive communication psychology. In his session, AI and the Metaverse at Work: Navigating the Future of Speaking, Coaching, and TrainingCarmazzi explores the potential for talent development in the workplace through the lens of AI and the metaverse.

    Next, rob squiresVice President, Head of Asia and Japan, CeridianLearn about the possibilities of a limitless workforce in delivering the flexibility your employees want and the agility your organization needs. In his session, the power to mobilize an unlimited workforce; Squires focuses on technology and strategies that organizations can leverage to maximize the potential of a limitless workforce.

    Please be sure to participate stacey harrisChief Research Officer; Sapient Insight Groupreveals how global organizations are using technology to build and strengthen connected workplaces. In her session, How to build a technology stack for a connected workplace: Insights from the annual HR systems survey, Harris wWe share expertise and data directly from the Asia-Pacific market to understand trends and proven practices for building a thriving digital HR environment.

    Demographic changes, digitalization and new technologies are causing major changes in our working lives. But how can employers prepare for these changes? In this session, Tackling structural change by shaping the future of work, Miriam SalakeASEAN Senior Vice President for People and Organizations; siemens, Learn how Siemens is driving the future of work in the vibrant ASEAN market to ensure sustainable employment for its employees.

    Next, bloombergleaders of Alisha Fernando, Head of Diversity & Inclusion APAC.and Rajiv Mirwanihead of Bloomberg South Asia, will lead a session called. Integrated employee benefits for a diverse and inclusive workplace, aims to explore why employee well-being is at the top of companies’ agendas. As leaders look to improve engagement, retention and productivity within their teams, participants learned how the company is working to ensure employee health as a consideration built into every aspect of the employee lifecycle. Learn more about the initiatives we have led.

    Employee health and well-being has been a long-standing issue, and more HR leaders and organizations are investing in their well-being than ever Employee burnout is real: Building resilience for a healthier workforceprovided by SEA Resilience Institute; Manish ArnejaManaging Partner, SEA, Resilience Instituteprovides insight into how organizational leaders can help employees overcome burnout and build essential practices to improve performance.

    As the future of talent management will be characterized by individualized and flexible work models, companies will need to move away from a one-size-fits-all approach to strategies that recognize and respond to the individual needs and desires of their employees. There will be. In her session, Winning the war for the “right” human resources, Eliana CarmelChief Human Resources Officer agodaLearn how employers can attract the right talent and hire them effectively through a variety of work arrangements, personalized career development plans, and customized benefits and benefits.

    In an increasingly digital world of work, organizations are looking to create more inclusive work environments by creating engaging and interactive digital employee experiences. In his session, Improve your digital employee experience with the right tools, Pranshul PahujaSolutions Consultant – Document Cloud, adobeSo, how can employers deliver an all-digital HR experience that improves an organization’s efficiency in recruiting, managing, and retaining top talent while enabling employees to stay productive no matter where they work? Share.

    Please take a look at the session titled. Driving future growth: How organizations identify trends and opportunities, seeks to focus on how to select growth opportunities based on changing trends that will impact the near future.and Go Ashok MenonAgile Coach and FacilitatorOne Synergy Globallearn how to organize and engage a resilient workforce for high-impact performance, and what leaders need to change to engage and support their teams to navigate the future. Understand.

    Jobs are changing, employees are changing, and a revolution in human capital management (HCM) is here. Joshua OySenior Manager, Solutions Advisory; Ceridianwill lead a demonstration using Ceridian’s platform Dayforce in a session called Connect and transform your workforce with Dayforceaims to explore new demands for HCM, including flexibility, personalization, and purpose.

    Want to understand Gen Z in the workplace? In our panel discussion: The Rise of Generation Z in Asia: A Dynamic Force for Organizational TransformationLet’s take a deep dive into what organizations can do to attract and retain a new generation of employees.chairperson Dr. Sandhya KarpeAsia Human Capital Center Leader, Asia Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council Program Directorconference boardthe discussion will include panelists Ruth Gellert-Neale, Chief People Officer, Technology, APAC and EMEA; JLL Technologies; David Lim, Senior Vice President, Human Resources (Asia Pacific); PVH company; Wong Yang Sheng, Head of Human Resources for Singapore, Australia and BruneiStandard Chartered Bank; Discuss how organizations can manage a multigenerational and inclusive workforce for all employees.

    Marriott International is a well-known brand to many, but how did the organization overcome the challenges brought on by the pandemic, remain steadfast in building a thriving culture, and increase employee engagement? Did it lead to the success of the company? Building a thriving culture: Why employee engagement is all about people This session will focus on exploring the people-first approach adopted by Marriott International. andrew newmarkChief Human Resources Officer marriott internationalLearn how Marriott has responded to changing employee needs to attract, engage, and develop talent.

    In her session, Developing a sustainable future through green skills, Natalie HeinCluster HR Director, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei; schneider electric, Learn more about Schneider Electric’s proactive approach to developing green talent. Participants will learn how organizations meticulously develop these talents and prepare them for the multifaceted landscape of the future workforce.

    In the closing keynote speechEmployee Engagement in a Hybrid World – Strategies for Success,KRis Wadiachief executive officer, leadership with humanityHere are proven tactics that can help organizations improve their bottom line by motivating employees, increasing productivity, and incorporating successful employee engagement strategies into each stage of the hiring-to-retirement lifecycle. and share strategies.

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    If you have not yet registered for the event, click here. here Join now to join the discussion on the top HR trends and priorities for 2023 and beyond.


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