ENEFTI Presale: Your Gateway to the Metaverse Revolution!

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    ENEFTI Presale: Everything you need to know!

    ENEFTI is a metaverse project in the crypto world and is holding its first pre-sale through its launchpad, Pinksale. This article provides details about the presale process, including whitelisting, token information, and listing on MEXC. We also highlight why investors should consider investing in ENEFTIVERSE.


    ENEFTI, a major Metaverse project, is hosting a pre-sale on Pinksale. In this article, we will share important information about the pre-sale process and highlight the unique features of ENEFTIVERSE that make it a promising investment opportunity.

    Main points

    Zealy and whitelist: Before participating in the pre-sale, investors are encouraged to whitelist themselves on Whitelisting offers a variety of benefits, including a chance to win $500 worth of VR glasses from ENEFTIVERSE.

    Presale details: Presale token details are as follows: Token Name: Eneftiverse, Token Symbol: EVR, Token Address: 0xA3276b9366a3aA6f76fA3b39173577718012d7dA, Total Supply: 650,000,000 EVR, Presale Tokens: 3,300,000 EVR, Presale Rate: 1 US DT = 66 EVR, First release of pre-sale: 20%, soft cap: 15,000 USDT, hard cap: 50,000 USDT, unsold tokens: refund, pre-sale start time: 13:00, September 18, 2023 (UTC), pre-sale end time: 2023 September 25, 19:30 (UTC).

    Listing on MEXC: Pre-sales are manually listed on MEXC to ensure a safe and problem-free process. While this may result in some delays, investors can rest easy knowing that the ENEFTIVERSE team prioritizes their safety and satisfaction.

    Why should you invest in ENEFTIVERSE? ENEFTIVERSE stands out as one of the most ambitious NFT metaverse projects on the market. In addition to typical Metaverse features, ENEFTIVERSE offers gaming-oriented strips, education-focused areas, and opportunities for profitable ventures within virtual environments. The project also ensures scalability, high-quality graphics, and blockchain-based technology for increased security.


    ENEFTI is a metaverse project that aims to revolutionize the digital interaction environment. The pre-sale on Pinksale gives investors the opportunity to be part of this pioneering journey. By whitelisting and participating in the presale, investors can help democratize the Metaverse and embrace the future of virtual reality.


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