English Films and Series That Predicted Future Events

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    British films and television series are well known for their unusual concepts. Many of their movies and TV shows revolve around themes such as time travel, artificial intelligence, mental illness, the apocalypse, and the end of the world. These movies are very thrilling and some are based on true stories. But what surprises us the most are some movies and TV series that unintentionally foreshadowed future events.

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    If you want to be surprised, here are some English movies and series that foreshadow events that will happen years later.


    “The Simpsons” is a television series that has always hinted at various future events. The comic series has foreshadowed future events, including Donald Trump's victory and the spread of the coronavirus. He also predicted the drowning of submarines and the advent of smart watches in 2023.

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    black mirror

    If you're ready to be shocked, you should watch Black Mirror. This TV show made big predictions about technology and how it will affect people's lives. One of the series' episodes predicted the creation of the Metaverse. In this episode, humans live in a small box-like room and play games to earn points and survive.

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    Her, a Hollywood science fiction romance movie starring Joaquin Phoenix, is an unforgettable movie for me. The plot revolves around a man who is on the verge of divorce but has already separated from his wife. Because of his loneliness, he talks to her voice assistant and falls in love with her.

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    The Disney-Pixar film “WALL-E'' projected how human life develops in the presence of technology. The film depicts humans living aboard a giant spaceship when Earth becomes uninhabitable. These people can't even stand. Instead, they can lie on a sleeping cushion and eat and move around.

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    From cultural commentary to detective fiction, these films and series serve as both entertainment and a mirror to our collective fears, hopes, and aspirations.


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