Equiteq advises marketing firm Zebu on sale to Flight Story

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    Communications agency Flight Story has acquired technology-driven marketing firm Zeb for an undisclosed fee. Equiteq’s deal maker advised us on the sell side of this deal.

    Founded in 2021, Zebu Digital is a UK-based company set up to capitalize on the digital boom amid pandemic lockdowns. As interest in Web 3.0 concepts grows and the hype around blockchain and cryptocurrencies continues, Harry Layered Horsfall, Jolyon Layered Horsfall, and Henry Hankin are helping brands keep up with the evolving landscape. Founded Zebu to help

    Since then, Zebu has grown to a team of 40 people and built a customer base that includes brands like Solana, Tezos, OKX and Near.

    This customer base, along with continued excitement in the business community around the application of Metaverse and artificial intelligence technology, is of interest to potential acquisition candidates.

    After a period of successful negotiations led by Equiteq, Flight Story acquired Zebu for an undisclosed fee.

    Headquartered in London, Flight Story provides strategy, content, communications and media services to brands seeking to make the most of digital technology. Its existing division included R. Agency, a telecommunications agency. We provide flight performance and performance marketing. Flight Studio is a creative studio. Flight Deck is software that allows users to monitor, track and analyze social media conversations.

    Looking ahead, the acquisition of Zebu will enhance Flight Story’s services and capabilities in Web 3.0, AI, virtual reality strategy, content, communications and media, with a particular focus on supporting brands in innovation and emerging technology sectors. It will be.

    Zebu was then rebranded as Flight3 and advertised as Flight Story’s “innovation arm”.

    Commenting on the move, Steven Bartlett, who co-founded Flight Story with CEO Oliver Yontchev, said, “The Metaverse is projected to have a total market valuation of $678 billion by 2030, and ‘Web 3.0’ will It’s already coming to fruition,” he said. A multi-trillion dollar industry. Flight Story strives to be the most advanced marketing agency in the world. To do that, we need people who are native speakers of the technologies that will build the future. That’s why Zebu is the perfect addition to the Flight Story team. “

    Web 3.0

    After two years of unprecedented hype, the Web 3.0 market now appears to be peaking. Data from his WeMeta, a metaverse analytics platform, revealed the value of “virtual real estate” within the metaverse. fell off a cliff In 2023, previously purchased virtual land will remain worth a fraction of the purchase price. To illustrate this, the median transaction price for Decentraland, currently the world’s largest metaverse real estate sales platform, has fallen nearly 90% from $45 in 2022 to $5.

    But while Flight Story strives to keep its brand “at the forefront of what’s possible,” Flight3 is focused on Web 3.0-focused community growth, influencer marketing, social media, content marketing, brand design and animation. , live events and more for your customers.

    At the same time, Zebu Live, the branded Web 3.0 conference that hosts panels discussing key topics in this segment, will continue to be a core part of the Flight3 service.

    Flight3 CEO Harry Horsfall said: “Since meeting Steven and Oliver, the excitement of the changing digital landscape has been immediately apparent. We cannot wait to be fully embedded and integrated with Flight Story’s marketing and communications offerings.

    sell-side deal maker

    Equiteq advised Zebu throughout the move. Horsfall said the mergers and acquisitions advisory firm “had the experience, expertise and insight” needed to take Zeb to the next stage of growth –Paul Collins, team leader at Equitech said he had many years of knowledge of the company.

    Equiteq founder and chairman Collins said: We’ve known Brothers Harry Horsfall and Jolyon Horsfall since before they started innovating in cryptocurrency in 2014. “

    “We were delighted to advise Steven Bartlett and Oliver Yontchev on their acquisition by Flight Story. I wish them the best of luck in the future.”


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