Esports Executive Seeks Better Conditions for Female Players

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    Sibol General Manager Jab Escutin agreed with the panelists that more needs to be done to support women in sports, including esports.

    In the past, e-sports The company was labeled as a male-dominated industry, both in competition and in leadership roles within various related organizations.

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    However, as with traditional sports, changes in the role of women in this industry are seen as minimal and more can be done. In the Philippines, women in the esports field are gaining some attention thanks to events such as the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Invitational for Women and the Southeast Asian Games Women's Esports Event. At this event, female athletes representing the country's esports team, She Sibol, won a gold medal and a silver medal.

    Improving conditions for female athletes

    Cibol General Manager Jabu Esktin told during the Equal Play Forum, which examines the progress of Filipino athletes. agreed With panelists saying more needs to be done to support women in sports, especially esports.

    Escutin said a cultural change is needed when it comes to the treatment of women in sports in general.he said: e-sports, you're hoping for a better situation than most sports because there's no physical aspect. He also added that there is still much work to be done. ”

    Escutin said there will also be female participation in this year's esports tournaments, including the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Women's Invitational, which will be held during the Esports World Cup, and the International Esports Federation's World Esports Women's Event. Therefore, we believe there are many great opportunities for women in esports this year. Championship.

    he added,

    “We are moving in the right direction in showcasing female talent in sports.”, especially esports. One of my biggest motivations for her is that I have a daughter and I want to create space for her. When she grows up and decides to pursue a career in sports or esports, I want her to live in a society where it is normal for women to be involved in sports. When you accomplish something, your skills are celebrated and everything else becomes secondary. I wish that for her and every young girl who dreams of becoming an athlete. ”

    Looking forward to winning more medals

    Cibol general manager Leo “Jab” Esktin and head coach Ralph Andrei “Leather Goods” Llabres expect at least 80% of athletes competing in upcoming tournaments to win medals, and e I feel that the sports national team campaign will continue.

    Additionally, Sibol won medals in every esports competition he participated in at the 32nd Southeast. asian games, the first competition of the year. They won a total of six medals: two gold medals, one silver medal, and three bronze medals. Since the team debuted at the 2019 Biennial Games, it has been the team's most successful campaign to date with three gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze medal.

    SIBOL will be competing in four games at the upcoming World Esports Championship (WEC): PUBG Mobile, Dota2, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, and Tekken 7.

    However, in the group stage dota 2 In a match held at the Hangzhou Esports Center, Philippines Sibol's desperate attempt to take something back from their esports campaign at the 19th Asian Games ended with a 1-0 loss to Uzbekistan.

    Eljon Andares' Cibol team lost and was eliminated from the quarterfinals, while Uzbekistan won both Group A matches to advance to the next round.

    Bleed Esports star Djardel “DJ” Mampusti joins Sibol, strengthening a lineup dominated by Polaris Esports players.

    Sibol had earlier become more optimistic about his prospects after the Filipino players defeated India.


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