Ethereum Towers Releases Luxury Metaverse MVP with 75%

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    Tortola, Va., June 1, 2023 (Globe Newswire) — Ethereum Worlds, gorgeous metaverse builder and creator of Ethereum Tower ( today announced the release of its long-awaited MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for the community-focused Metaverse platform. This first release will be exclusively available to premium asset owners and contest winners only and will serve as the first deliverable of a much larger ecosystem called Ethereum World. Premium assets such as luxury apartments and penthouse apartments can be purchased through NFT secondary markets such as: high seasor directly from the Ethereum Tower team.

    MVP presents fully customizable penthouses and luxury apartments that boast floor plans larger than standard apartments. Additionally, premium assets offer higher multipliers for in-game mechanics and other in-world incentives.

    Built with a VR-first approach, the apartments housed within the Ethereum Tower will provide a comprehensive and immersive experience that allows users to interact and participate within their virtual living space. The MVP will allow the owner to design, build and equip her own apartment with the added benefit of being able to display her favorite NFTs as art pieces on the walls. This is done via an innovative companion app that the owner uses to access her assets and profile when she is not in VR. In addition, the user can leverage his customized avatar, his solution called Ready Player Me, to further define a unique digital metaverse identity for him and others as her Web3 version of himself created from a selfie. You can interact with users of

    “The release of our MVP marks the culmination of our hard work and dedication to creating a premium, community-focused metaverse platform. We look forward to seeing how you create your own virtual space with Ethereum World,” said Jason Zemgris, CEO of Ethereum World.

    The Ethereum Towers virtual complex will consist of 4,388 apartments sold as NFTs. The pre-launch MVP NFT sale is now Discord Channels in the Ethereum World. Instead of the Mint, it’s an open sale that reflects actual property sales. Starting at 0.1 ETH, users can manually select their dream virtual apartment and be eligible to participate in our weekly draw to win a luxury apartment. NFT key sales will take place during the following period: Apartments are also available.

    Ethereum Towers made headlines in March when it announced a strategic partnership with Trustless. music Agency is a prominent Web3 music management company and a sister company of TaP Music. With headquarters in both London and Los Angeles, it houses global superstars such as Ellie Goulding, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Lana Del Rey. The collaboration will provide a platform for music artists to reside in the Ethereum Tower, offering exclusive access for fans to interact with their music idols through meet-and-greets and other events that give tower residents exclusive access. We aim to provide opportunities.

    This effort reflects Ethereum Towers’ commitment to creating innovative solutions that transcend traditional real estate boundaries while establishing a new paradigm for music industry collaboration in the Metaverse.

    “Our Metaverse platform has the potential to revolutionize the virtual real estate industry by providing users with an immersive and unparalleled experience,” said Shane, COO of Ethereum World. “We are thrilled to see the reaction from our users and are confident that our technology will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the Metaverse.”

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    About Ethereum Tower:
    Ethereum Towers is a community-centric vertical structure consisting of 4,388 resident-owned apartments and various common areas set in the Ethereum World Metaverse. Future enhancements will be introduced to evolve and provide an exciting and socially dynamic experience for all users.



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