Evil Geniuses CEO Steps Down After Historic Win

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    Announced on August 31st Nicole LaPointe Jameson, CEO of esports team Evil Geniuses (EG), has announced that he is stepping down from his position. The decision comes just over a week after EG became World Champions at Valorent 2023.

    Jameson was the focus of much controversy during his four-year tenure and was regularly criticized on social media. Next up is EG’s chief innovation officer, Chris de Apolonio, who will assume the role of interim CEO.

    end of an era

    Nicole LaPointe Jameson is stepping down as CEO of EG after four and a half years. Jameson will step down in a year marked by drama, controversy, and ultimately the team’s victory in VALORENT 2023.

    EG’s win marked a happy end to Jameson’s reign, who announced his resignation on August 31.

    “This decision has not been easy for me,” Jameson said via Evil Genuises. twitter “But winning the VCT World Championships the way EG does, through fairness of merit, inclusiveness of infrastructure, and running backwards with mean-spirited followers, is what we are trying to do for the future of eSports. It perfectly sums up everything I’ve been through.”

    “We have had some failures, but we have learned a lot and celebrated a lot of successes and joys,” the outgoing chief added.

    The record of Evil Geniuses under Jameson is controversial. On the positive side, Evil Geniuses have won championships in League of Legends and most recently in Valorent as well. On the downside, Evil Geniuses appears to have neglected its duty of care for at least one member of its young roster battling mental health issues in 2022, Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki.

    Danny later issued a statement acquitting EG’s situation, but the situation became so serious that he was sent home malnourished. Despite Danny’s words, “EG has always supported me,” the stench surrounding EG persists.

    An investigation into this issue is ongoing. A third-party law firm hired by the sports governing body is investigating the matter.

    Other issues with Evil Geniuses

    Danny’s plight may be EG’s most serious problem, but it was by no means the only problem that plagued the organization during Jameson’s reign.

    Even in the aftermath of their Valorent victory, EG somehow conspired to disappoint fans by releasing subpar merchandise. One fan described EG’s effort as “amateurish,” while another called it “the worst product I’ve ever seen.” Other fans were less polite.

    While the product problem is a relatively easy fix for the company, former employees say the team is plagued with much more latent problems. The former Evil Geniuses intern spoke up on his Sept. 1 recounting his own memories of Jameson’s tenure.

    “Nicole has done irreparable damage to an entire generation of this beautiful sport. I think it’s all too common,” said the former intern under her Twitter handle. retro. “Like many other industries, esports has struggled to capitalize on the passion and hunger of young professionals to tap into the scene and help them maximize their value. It just gets thrown away when the time is right.”

    Interns cited long working hours and a culture of “burnout and abuse” at the organization.

    Jameson’s defenders might argue that it’s not uncommon for outgoing CEOs to abuse themselves. Jameson deleted his social media accounts in July, reportedly after a series of online abuses.


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