Evil Geniuses Exit Counter-Strike: End of an Era

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    Former Dota 2 TI5 winner Evil Geniuses (EG) has confirmed that he will no longer participate in any eSports other than Valorant, ending his Counter-Strike career.

    This decision ends a four-season journey that began after accepting NRG in September 2019. As Evil Geniuses turns a new page, the community remembers the triumphs and some of the challenges the organization has experienced in the world of eSports throughout its lifetime. .

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    The ups and downs of being a genius

    Under the Evil Geniuses shield, the NRG roster has achieved several victories, including a brief stint at No. 1 in the world and winning ESL New York 2019. However, this victory turned out to be short-lived. The online competition world has caused a steep decline in team performance. Regular member changes and internal conflicts turned EG from a powerful adversary to an insignificant one.

    The organization faced numerous challenges, including allegations of corruption and poor working conditions. These issues led to the scandalous resignation of CEO Nicole Lapointe LinkedIn Postshe stated that it was appropriate to say goodbye to Evil Geniuses in November after the team won the Valorant World Championship trophy in the same week.

    “After hoisting the Valorant World Championship trophy this week, I think it's only fitting to announce that next month will be my last day with Evil Geniuses.”

    Furthermore, the credibility of the organization was damaged due to employee gaffes. claim There was excrement and ESL skit complaints Stayed overnight. These scandals have damaged EG's standing and raised questions about the organization's capabilities.

    Controversy and Mismanagement: A Damaged Image

    EG's path was also affected by allegations of embezzlement and poor working conditions. Nicole Lapointe Jameson's resignation as CEO of the organization in response to these allegations dealt a serious blow to the organization's public image. Additionally, further reports regarding Valorant over contract prison disputes and other internal issues added fuel to the fire.

    In recent days, EG's withdrawal from League of Legends' League Championship Series among other eSports groups signals a change in focus. Additionally, the company selling its BLAST Premier partnership spot to Cloud9 and canceling this Louvre deal with ESL provided further evidence of a future exit from Counter-Strike.

    end of an era

    The withdrawal from Counter-Strike marks the end of an important chapter in EG's history. EG's journey to reaching the pinnacle of Counter-Strike just a few months ago, brandishing prestigious trophies and dominating the league rankings has been a perilous one. Most importantly, their stories in esports present interesting tales of wins and losses that leave a mark on the community.

    With EG's departure from Counter-Strike, the investigation permeates beyond such organizations on esports platforms. Will EG's focus on Valorant catapult it to the highest heights, or does this just signal the steady beginning of another precipitous decline? Only time will tell But one thing is for sure. The exploits of Evil Geniuses will never be forgotten in Counter-Strike history.


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