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    Recently we CEO Piyush Gupta, Vosmosunleashing digital transformation by delivering a unified, immersive world of commerce and business.

    Interview highlights include:

    Do you think there is room for the virtual experience and metaverse market to grow in a post-pandemic world?

    The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital technology, changed consumer behavior and favored virtual experiences. People are accustomed to remote work, online shopping and virtual events, indicating a growing acceptance of virtual experiences. The need to connect, collaborate, and engage meaningfully, regardless of physical proximity, is also driving demand for remote, immersive experiences. Technological advances such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and high-speed internet connectivity are further contributing to the growth of the metaverse and virtual experience market.
    Organizations and brands recognize the potential of virtual experiences in reducing costs and increasing reach. Additionally, the Metaverse provides a vast environment for creativity and innovation, connecting fields such as gaming, entertainment, education, e-commerce, and social media. This fusion creates opportunities for new and unique experiences.
    Overall, considering these factors, while responsible and inclusive development will need to address challenges such as privacy and equitable access, there is significant room for virtual experiences and the metaverse market to grow in the post-pandemic world. I have.

    Piyush Gupta, CEO of VOSMOS

    How are businesses and brands leveraging virtual worlds?

    Businesses and brands are creating immersive experiences to connect with consumers. Virtual events, conferences and product launches allow brands to reach audiences across geographies and time zones. Additionally, virtual stores and marketplaces within virtual worlds now offer personalized and interactive shopping experiences. These virtual commerce platforms allow brands to leverage virtual and augmented reality technologies to enhance the shopping experience and showcase their products in unique ways.
    By collaborating with other brands and virtual communities, brands can reach new customer bases and benefit from cross-promotion. In addition, brands are exploring virtual advertising and sponsorships, placing virtual ads within virtual environments, sponsoring virtual events and experiences, and creating virtual items and avatars for their brands. Finally, businesses are using interactive storytelling, gamified experiences, and virtual challenges to create virtual brand activations aligned with their brand identities to engage customers in memorable ways. Through these strategies, companies are leveraging virtual worlds to connect with audiences, drive engagement, and increase brand presence.

    What does VOSMOS offer its customers? Share an example.

    VOSMOS offers a range of products aimed at enhancing the customer’s virtual experience. At the forefront are immersive virtual environments. It enables businesses to establish global connections, market and sell products, and create engaging experiences that transcend traditional online shopping boundaries. VOSMOS is dedicated to making technology accessible to all, prioritizing enriching consumer experiences within virtual worlds.
    Additionally, VOSMOS goes beyond the limitations of standard webinars and video calls to provide a comprehensive platform for hosting virtual events. The ability to accommodate unlimited attendees and support multiple languages ​​allows companies to host large-scale events on a global scale. By embedding gamification features, VOSMOS enables interactive experiences that keep participants engaged. The company focuses on data and reporting, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights through event analysis.
    In addition, VOSMOS specializes in tailoring technology solutions to clients’ specific requirements. The company leverages innovation to provide customized solutions for a variety of industry-specific needs. This approach enables VOSMOS to provide businesses with the tools and technology they need to optimize their operations and increase their virtual presence. Overall, VOSMOS offers a comprehensive suite of services aimed at making your business successful in the virtual world, with a focus on immersive experiences, virtual events and customized technology solutions.

    What is VOSMOS’ DIY virtual event and what is the need and market for releasing such a product?

    A DIY virtual event platform, VOSMOS.Events allows individuals and organizations to host and manage their own virtual events. First, DIY virtual events cater to individuals and organizations looking for accessibility and cost-effectiveness. Not everyone has the resources, time and budget to hire professional event management services, but VOSMOS’ easy-to-use platform enables a wide range of users to create and manage their own events at a low cost. increase. Additionally, DIY virtual events offer flexibility and customization options. The platform offers easy-to-use templates, layouts, and interactive features for users to design and personalize their events according to their specific needs. This allows you to create engaging and customized experiences for your attendees, increasing the overall effectiveness of your event.
    VOSMOS.Events is specifically aimed at businesses that want to take advantage of virtual events but lack a dedicated events team or extensive technical expertise. By providing a self-service solution, VOSMOS enables these companies to confidently and independently navigate their virtual event environment. Benefits of virtual events such as cost savings, global reach and environmental sustainability continue to attract organizers and attendees. VOSMOS recognizes this market demand and offers a solution that allows users to easily create their own virtual events.

    What will the future of the Indian metaverse look like? What can we expect in the next five years?

    The future of the Indian metaverse holds great potential over the next five years. As the Internet becomes more pervasive and technology becomes more accessible, more people will have the opportunity to participate in the Metaverse. Advances in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and other immersive technologies will contribute to the growth of the country’s metaverse ecosystem. Gaming and entertainment within virtual worlds and VR experiences, which provide interactive and social experiences, are expected to be hugely popular. The Metaverse has the potential to revolutionize e-commerce and digital transactions and provide new avenues for business and commerce in India.
    Infrastructure development is essential to support the growth of the metaverse. This includes improving internet connectivity, expanding access to affordable devices, and investing in computational resources for seamless and immersive experiences within the metaverse. Overall, the future of the Metaverse in India looks promising. Through increased adoption, technological advances, growth in gaming and entertainment, revolution in business and commerce, enhanced social interaction, cultural and educational experiences, and the necessary infrastructure development to pave the way for a dynamic metaverse and immersion. vintage digital landscape.


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