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    Exclusive Traveler Club launches the first Traveler Club in the Metaverse. NFTs collection.

    The tourism sector is constantly evolving and adapting to new technologies and digital tools that emerge daily. New digital trends being used in the travel industry are changing the way people plan and enjoy their vacations.Can you imagine having the best travel experience in real and virtual worlds? Exclusivethe first NFT Travelers Club in the Metaverse.

    The project was born out of a coalition of two leading companies in the tourism and leisure sector, Halo and Exclusive Traveler Club. This union has facilitated and maintained the rhythm of the project.Purpose of Exclusive To provide customers with superior travel services and products and a personalized travel experience focused on customer satisfaction.

    virtual benefits

    A trend gaining popularity in the tourism sector is virtual spaces and NFTs. and Exclusive Access a virtual space designed in detail to offer benefits, discounts and membership news to all club members. Additionally, the space is 100% focused on creating an immersive, fun and intuitive user experience. Using a personalized avatar and unique credentials, members can interact with all elements, other users, and Mia, a virtual assistant who accompanies members throughout the virtual experience. This universe is accessible to all viewers, but certain exclusive rooms are only available to members with a membership.

    This commitment is an unwavering commitment to providing a unique and exclusive travel experience unlike any other. A community that offers the option to discover an exclusive travel world that combines physical and virtual experiences in a completely new and unprecedented way. represents innovation. Both Augmented Reality and the Metaverse, as well as other immersive technologies, have great potential to launch the hotel/travel industry in virtual worlds. These technologies extend the traveler’s experience beyond their stay and travel and can revolutionize before, during and after travel.

    This initiative includes the first NFTs collection. NFT? This is a unique, one-time digital asset that represents a property or commodity, in this case a luxury travel experience. The Exclusiverse Chameleon Club is a unique and exclusive collection of 999 NFTs, enabling a luxurious tourism experience and access to community-specific benefits, all at the best rates and best deals guaranteed. increase.

    Exclusiverse is born — the first NFT Travel Club to exist in a virtual world

    exclusive community

    become a member of Exclusive It means you belong to an exclusive community of travelers who are dedicated to offering unique benefits to members in the form of luxurious service and unique travel experiences in the Caribbean and around the world. Best Rate Guaranteed and members-only benefits, Exclusive This is the NFT Travelers Club you’ve been waiting for.

    Ramon Martin, CEO of Exclusive Traveler Club, said:

    This milestone marks the beginning of a new trend gaining popularity in the tourism sector. This is an experience sector focused on 2023 and the years ahead, offering travelers new experiences beyond simple travel.

    If you are looking for a unique and special travel experience unlike any other, Exclusive is your best option. Join our community and discover an exclusive world of travel that combines physical and virtual experiences like never before.

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