Facebook Messenger’s Stickers Open to Manipulation

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    Facebook Messenger users were quick to embrace the new AI-generated stickers, which caused a stir on the social media platform due to their potential to promote violence.

    AI has provided opportunities for people to be creative, but as in the case of Messenger stickers, the same technology has been misused by malicious individuals to create images that perpetuate hate and violence. .

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    child soldier

    As part of the social media giant new focus Regarding AI, Meta has rolled out a feature that allows users to generate stickers that they can share. But the savage Create malicious content using stickersan alarming trend that has drawn criticism on social media platforms.

    In a post on the X Platform, a user named Poldes highlighted the AI ​​features that can be manipulated to create images of child soldiers.

    This is in addition to images of Canadian President Justin Trudeau with body parts exposed.

    “We found out that Facebook Messenger has AI-generated stickers, but no one involved probably thought anything of it,” he wrote. Poldes.

    He added that this is all Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s fault.

    Poldes went on to reveal that he created an image of Mickey Mouse using the toilet. Sonic the hedgehog, and variations on Pope.

    Some other stickers feature Karl Max, but with a female body. In response to Mr. Polde’s post, some users found this “unbelievable,” while others thought it was “awesome” with fewer restrictions.

    “This is exactly what it should be. I can’t believe we’re applauding Meta now,” another user responded. marco.

    “If I want to generate a sticker of a child soldier or Prime Minister Trudeau’s butt, who are you to judge me or tell me what I can or can’t do?”

    I don’t have a gun, but I have a rifle

    In other cases, there are images of Waluigi holding a gun and Gordie McGrath holding a gun. tick tock Users have been toying with the tool to create images of dogs holding machetes alongside others featuring celebrities.

    McGrath said he noticed that Facebook Messenger creates a lot of stickers, including stickers of Taylor Swift and “voluptuous girls,” but not images with guns. However, the term rifle is acceptable.

    Further checks by McGrath also revealed that while the app would not yet create a sticker of Australia’s current prime minister, it “could be pirated.” bart simpson. ”

    Facebook’s parent company Meta revealed its ambitions to increase its focus on AI this year, releasing an LLM known as Lama 2. Implementations of AI initiatives include chatbots with celebrity personalities such as Snoop Dogg and Abraham Lincoln.


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