Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Set for Flurry of AI Integrations

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    Metabos’ Mark Zuckerberg hinted this week that it might integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into some of the company’s most popular platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

    Talking to Investors on Earnings Calls Following Meta Update Quarterly report On Wednesday, Zuckerberg discussed the potential of technology to transform the way users interact with these platforms, suggesting that generative AI models could pave the way for exciting new tools and capabilities. bottom.

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    Bringing AI to Billions

    The AI ​​train has already left the station, but Zuckerberg clearly wants to board at the next available stop. On the phone, he said there was an “opportunity to bring AI agents to billions of people,” and talked about potential integrations with Meta’s entire suite of products.

    The CEO didn’t go into specific implementations at length, but said Instagram and Facebook could integrate AI-powered visual creation tools, which could help create ads for business-minded users. suggested.

    Visual creation tools could theoretically allow users to leverage AI to create more engaging and dynamic content, such as providing automatic suggestions for images, video clips, and other elements that enhance their posts. Can be created in the feed.

    Germany-based artist Boris Erdagsen recently sparked controversy by winning a major photography award. reject it After he admitted to using AI to create his work, we see fakes on Instagram and Facebook where users fail to disclose whether their images were created with the help of AI Is it possible?

    “We expect these tools to be of value to everyone, from ordinary people to creators to businesses,” said Zuckerberg. predictedand goes on to suggest that Meta wanted to “nail the experience” of AI agents for business messaging and customer support.

    AI agents have long helped users find information and answer questions, but their capabilities have been fairly limited. However, recent advances suggest that AI agents could soon provide the level of customer support more commonly associated with human telephone operators.

    More Content, More Advertisers

    Far from straying away from the metaverse of interest, Zuckerberg sees the two technologies overlapping and interacting.

    “Over time, this will extend to our work on the metaverse, making it much easier for people to create avatars, objects, worlds, and the code that ties them all together,” he said. rice field.

    AI has already been integrated into Instagram in the form of AI-powered TikTok rival Reels, which reportedly increased time spent on the platform by 24%. Zuckerberg says that more than 20% of the content users see on both their Instagram and Facebook feeds today is recommended by his AI.

    Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of Meta’s overarching AI ambitions was revealed by Zuckerberg’s comments. And that in itself creates more opportunities for advertisers. ”

    Meta’s quarterly report shows Metaverse division Reality Labs lost $4 billion, while the company as a whole report Results exceeded expectations, with revenues up 3% year over year to $28.64 billion. Earnings also brought him $2.20 a share, beating Wall Street’s forecast of $2.03.

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