FCC Gives Metaverse Go-Ahead to Operate on 6GHz Wi-Fi Band

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    With the Quest series, Meta, like Apple, Google, and Microsoft, can now operate VR technology in the 6 GHz radio band without requiring a license.
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    all things metaverse technology —Whatever that term means at this point, federal regulators will greatly improve connectivity.

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) unanimously evaluated several major companies that make VR hardware at a meeting on Thursday, according to reports. release. The commission says many more devices can operate in this environment. 6GHz wireless band No license required. It is for devices operating at very low power (VLP) with short range and high speed connections, allowing VR and AR devices to operate within the 850 MHz spectrum.

    The FCC said the measure would “enrich the consumer experience and strengthen the nation’s economy.” A device that is stressed by regulators will be limited to its VLP level.

    This category includes virtual reality and augmented reality wearables, such as those being developed by Meta and currently Apple. These devices can connect to smartphones and other devices using short-range connections.

    According to , companies including Google, Facebook (now Meta), Apple, and Microsoft all petitioned the FCC in 2019 to use 6GHz waves. The Verge. Sub-6GHz wavelength bands are also available without a license, but both companies have long sought to avoid pesky licensing issues while using the latest connectivity standards.

    “However, the new rules limit these devices to very low power levels and protect existing licensed services that operate in the 6GHz band, while allowing these devices to operate across the United States with other technologies. “We are taking care to comply with regulatory and operational requirements,” the FCC said in a release.

    The 6GHz spectrum is where the U.S. can develop “new wearable technology,” according to FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel. bloomberg.

    Wherever it actually goes, it could be a boon for Apple and Meta’s ambitions.Apple reportedly has some sort of Vision Pro inexpensive version, probably without that pointless external screen.Meta just released meta quest 3 and ray ban smart glassesBut its real ambition is to somehow slim down augmented reality technology to the extreme. Also works with AR glasses.


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