FE News | AI Summit is dominated by Big Tech and a “missed opportunity”, civil society organisations tell Prime Minister

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    • Over 100 UK and international organizations, experts and campaigners sign open letter to Rishi Sunak
    • The groups warn that the summit is marginalizing the communities and workers most affected by AI.
    • ‘Backroom events’ are dominated by Big Tech and focus too much on speculative risks rather than ‘here and now’ AI threats, the Prime Minister said.
    • Signatories of the letter include leading human rights groups, trade union groups, technology organizations, and leading academics and experts on AI

    More than 100 civil society organizations across the UK and around the world today (Monday) condemned the government’s AI summit as a “missed opportunity”.

    In an open letter to Chancellor Rishi Sunak, the groups said that “communities and workers most affected by AI are being marginalized by the summit”, while a select few companies have no control over shaping the rules. He warns that he is aiming for it.

    The letter was co-ordinated by the TUC, Connected by Data and Open Rights Group and published ahead of the official AI Summit to be held at Bletchley Park on 1st and 2nd November.

    Signer Please include the following in your letter:

    • Major international trade union confederations – TUC, AFL-CIO, European Trade Union Confederation, UNI Global, International Trade Union Confederation representing tens of millions of workers around the world, etc.
    • International and UK human rights organizations – Amnesty International, Liberty, Article 19, Privacy International, Access Now, etc.
    • National and international civil society organizations – Connected by Data, Open Rights Group, 5 Rights, Consumers International, etc.
    • Voices from the tech community – including those from Mozilla, AI Now Institute, AI Council, Alan Turing Institute, British Computing Society
    • Internationally renowned academics, experts and members of the House of Lords

    The letter highlights the exclusion of civil society from the summit, stating:

    “Your Global Summit on AI Safety aims to address the risks and challenges of transformation.

    It recognizes the benefits of AI and recognizes that it “will fundamentally change the way we live.”

    They work and relate to each other. ”

    “However, the communities and workers most affected by AI are being marginalized.

    By the summit.

    “Involvement of civil society organizations that bring diverse expertise

    And the perspective was selective and limited.

    “This is a missed opportunity.”

    Emphasizing that the summit does not focus on the immediate threat of AI and the dominance of Big Tech, the letter states:

    “As it stands, the summit is a private event and is overly focused on speculation.”

    “Frontier” AI systems – On the remote “existential risks” of systems built by

    The very same companies are now trying to shape the rules.

    “For millions of people in the UK and around the world, the risks and harm are

    AI’s presence is not far away, it is felt here and now.

    “This is about being fired from a job or unfairly profiled by an algorithm.

    Loan based on your identity or zip code.

    “People are subject to authoritarian biometric surveillance;

    Predictive policing without trust.

    “Small businesses and artists are being weeded out, and innovation is being suppressed.”

    Because a few big tech companies are gaining more power and influence.

    “To make AI truly secure, we need to address these big questions and many others.

    Personal and social significance. If you succeed in this,

    A foundation for managing future risks. ”

    Calling for a more comprehensive approach to managing AI risks, the letter concludes:

    “We need a wide range of expertise for the summit itself and the work that follows.”

    And the voices of communities most exposed to AI must have a powerful impact.

    I said and sat down at the same table. By including these voices,

    Citizens and policy makers can see the big picture.

    “In this way, we can work towards making the future of AI safe and secure.

    as beneficial as possible to communities in the UK and around the world. ”

    Adam Cantwell Cohn, Senior Campaigns and Policy Officer at Connected by Data, said:

    “AI must be shaped with the broader public interest in mind. This means bringing different expertise, perspectives and communities to the same table. The Summit has failed to do this. It is shown that.”

    “The open letter presents a powerful, diverse, and international challenge to the unacceptable domination of AI policy by narrow interests.”

    “Beyond the summit, AI policymaking needs to be rethought nationally and internationally to steer these innovative technologies in democratic and socially useful directions.”

    Kate Bell, TUC Deputy General Secretary, said:

    “It is extremely disappointing that trade unions and wider civil society were denied adequate representation at this summit.

    “AI is already making life-changing decisions about how we work, how we hire, and who we fire.

    “But workers are still not given a seat at the table.

    “This event was an opportunity to bring together a wide range of voices to discuss how we can address pressing threats and how AI can benefit everyone.

    “Technologists and politicians shouldn’t be the only ones shaping the future of AI.”

    Abby Burke, Open Rights Group Policy Manager, Data Rights and Privacy, said:

    “Governments botched what could have been an opportunity for true global AI leadership because the summit was limited in scope and invitees.

    “The focus of the agenda on future apocalyptic risks means that UK government departments and agencies are already deploying AI and automated decision-making, exposing the public to mass error and bias. It betrays the fact that there is.

    The government is excluding the voices of affected people and other important experts and activists from summits, allowing companies developing and profiting from AI systems to set the UK agenda. is of great concern. ”

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