Firm Develops Virtual Hangout for Music Artists to Connect

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    Napster has debuted a music metaverse featuring virtual hangouts where artists can host events, showcase their content, and monetize their space.

    An advocate of the open metaverse, TerraZero is also involved in the development of virtual experiences, starting with a deal with Chicago independent rap, funk and R&B artist Rick Wilson. Both companies aim to change the way fans interact with artists on digital music platforms.

    According to Napster CEO Jon Vlassopoulos, this kind of virtual metaverse-style world was only available on platforms like Fortnite and Roblox. But now, anyone can access these fun and engaging artist hangouts right from their browser.

    He went on to say that Rick Wilson's virtual hangout is an example of what the partnership with TerraZero will bring in 2024. This will come as Napster looks to roll out features that allow artists to have their own virtual hangout spaces and connect with other artists. directly to the fans. It will also open up new sources of income and ways for artists to express themselves creatively.

    What fans and artists can access

    According to reports, fans of Rick Wilson will have the opportunity to chat with him. napster platform. Users can also listen to his music while exploring the platform. Additionally, Wilson plans to release a single and perform live in this virtual space.

    In the future, Napster and TerraZero plan to expand these hangouts by adding more artists and introducing games with prizes. They promise to soon sell concert tickets along with digital products. The CEO commented on this as follows:

    “Napster has always been a creative innovator in the music space, so it made perfect sense for us to partner with them to leverage our Intraverse technology platform to bring immersive virtual experiences to millions of users. I did.”

    The Intraverse Technology Platform created by TerraZero serves as the foundation for building spaces where artists can gather and connect.

    Recent music and the metaverse

    The Napster story is not the first time music has been integrated into the Metaverse. Soundscape, developed by Groove Science Studios; Attempting a music metaverse Built using Unreal Engine 5 and its lighting and reflection system Lumen. Soundscape promises performances from Deadmau5, Evanescent, Slash and more.

    The studio announced in a press release that its goal is to create an experience similar to attending a music festival. The virtual platform includes the ability to listen to the world, a personalized avatar, and a unique music streaming service that syncs with a voice-responsive AI engine. We also introduced a feature called Soundtag, a tool that adds psychedelic elements to your soundscape.

    In late 2023, famous rap artist Notorious B.I.G., also known as Christopher Wallace, also made a comeback of sorts through a gaming experience specifically designed for hip-hop enthusiasts within the Sandbox Metaverse.

    All these ventures aim and promise to transform the digital music platform experience within the virtual space. Only time will tell how Napster joins forces with his TerraZero to venture into the metaverse and change the digital landscape of the music industry.


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