Firms See More Benefit From the Metaverse Than Expected, According to Nokia and EY

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    Nokia and EY released a report yesterday entitled “The Metaverse at Work.” According to the report, companies already deploying industrial metaverse use cases reported more benefits than those still in the planning stages had anticipated, notably reduced capital expenditures (15%), Sustainability (10%) and improved safety (9%). ). Examining the state of the corporate and industrial metaverse, the report surveyed 860 business leaders in six countries and found that the industrial metaverse in particular is expected to deliver more than expected. .

    The survey results show that businesses believe in the power of the Metaverse and that Metaverse technology is here to stay. While only 2% of respondents see the metaverse as a buzzword or fad, 58% of companies with future metaverse plans have already deployed or piloted at least one metaverse-related use case. increase. Nearly everyone (94%) who hasn’t started their Metaverse journey yet plans to do so in the next two years.

    Companies also say the industrial metaverse is creating significant business value. On average, 80% of companies that have already implemented metaverse use cases believe that metaverse use cases will have a significant or transformative impact on how they do business. Nearly all (96%) of respondents believe that the Metaverse combines physical and virtual use cases with additional innovative capabilities that can accelerate the deployment, adoption and monetization of Industry 4.0 in their business. I understand how to bring

    Geographically, the US (65%), UK (64%) and Brazil (63%) currently lead the way in having at least one industrial or enterprise metaverse use case deployed or piloted . Germany averaged 53%, while the Asia-Pacific region is less advanced (Japan 49%, South Korea 49%).

    When asked what use cases they most expect to deliver transformative value, companies see the highest potential for augmented reality in onboarding and upskilling employees. and three out of the four industries surveyed chose to use virtual R&D to enhance their products. design and process.

    Enterprises clearly recognize the need for adequate infrastructure and robust analytics when deploying metaverse use cases. Respondents identified the key technical underpinnings to meet the demands of these use cases, such as cloud computing (72%), AI/ML (70%), and network connectivity (68-70%). We value the enabler the most. Given the need for more technical expertise in-house, companies are currently relying on various partners to fill capability gaps and implement use cases.


    Vincent Douin, Executive Director, Ernst & Young LLP Business Consulting and Business Transformation

    With the industrial and corporate metaverse here, this study shows a clear demand for technologies such as augmented reality and digital twins to achieve business goals. We are already seeing many organizations move beyond the planning stage and realize tangible benefits from their early deployments.

    Thierry E. Klein, President, Solutions Research, Nokia, Bell Labs

    It’s great to see companies clearly believing in the power of the Metaverse in creating business value for both enterprise and industrial use cases. This is strongly aligned with our vision that Industrial, his metaverse is an extension of Industry 4.0, derived from his 8+ years of research at Nokia Bell Labs. As a result, companies that have already implemented mission-critical communication networks for Industry 4.0 are clearly well-positioned to experience the benefits of the Metaverse that some companies are already realizing.


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