Five interesting online courses on metaverse for beginners

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    The concept of metaverse was first established in 1992, but it only appeared on the list of famous neologisms in 2021. Companies like Meta (formerly Facebook Inc.) and his NVIDIA have made bold comments and initially worked towards parallel virtual worlds. However, other tech giants also need to catch up. Google, Microsoft, Epic Games, and recently Intel have all joined the Metaverse.

    Metaverse is a virtual environment where you can build anything you want and communicate with people all over the world. You can go shopping, go to school, meet new people, and fall in love. The options are endless!

    Moreover, the virtual reality (VR) business is expected to generate $6.1 billion in revenue by the end of this year, according to media forecasts. Furthermore, the global Metaverse market is predicted to reach $42 billion by 2026.

    The following list of carefully selected online courses will help you better understand and navigate the Metaverse.

    In this course, experts will discuss communication and teamwork in the Metaverse ecosystem, NFTs and cryptocurrencies, avatars and devices, platforms, and game engines. Gain knowledge about blockchain, Web3, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, augmented reality, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Learn how Metaverse is being used in education, healthcare, art, and more, and how you can start building these experiences today. You'll also discover how the Metaverse can contribute to a more inclusive, just, and diverse world.

    By the end of the course, you will understand the basics of the metaverse and be able to identify potential future research, learning, or career paths.

    After completing this course, students will have a deeper understanding of the following topics: What is the Metaverse? How can NFTs help realize the full potential of the Metaverse? Formats (games, cryptocurrencies, assets, blockchain protocols, etc.), asset classes, Metaverse tokens, sectors the Metaverse will disrupt, investments in the virtual reality space, related platforms, VR, AR, mixed reality, augmented reality, Metaverse land ownership.

    In this course, students will learn the fundamentals, applications, issues, history, hardware, and psychology of virtual reality (VR). Additionally, the student will learn about the fundamentals of 3D graphics, deepen his understanding of the principles and technology of VR worlds, and be able to design objects within them. Students enrolled in this introductory course will gain the skills they need to create virtual reality projects and games. This course is taught by Marco Gillies, Senior Lecturer, and Sylvia Xueni Pan, Lecturer in the Computing Department.

    If you want to quickly jump into the business world of the Metaverse, this two-part course on Udemy might be the best option for you. Alex Genadinik offers his 4 hour 16 minute workout. In the first section, Genadinik explains his AR and VR for beginners, and in the second section he reviews some of his concepts for business suitable for this generation. This course includes 58 lectures divided into 11 sections.

    This 33-minute course is available on the Skillshare website and is divided into eight parts. Aspects of the Metaverse, his journey into Web 3, the capabilities of his NFTs in the virtual world, investing in token currencies for Metagames, Metaverse ETFs and stocks, and finally investing in Metaverse games are all covered. The lecturer for the course was digital entrepreneur Ali Matar. He plans to update the course as we explore the Metaverse further. Click here for course details.


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