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    Forbes, a business magazine founded in 1917, now has a prominent and permanent Web3 presence on the sandbox metaverse.

    A new Forbes experience is now open to the public in a virtual world located several blocks west of Dracula's Castle and north of HODL Island.

    Yes, we are forever in the metaverse ✨

    Stop by to take a dip in the pool, enjoy a drink at the bar, and visit the 2024 Under30 Gallery.

    Let's meet again.

    February 19, 2024

    According to a press release, visitors will fall in love with the space's attention to detail.

    “This artfully crafted space includes a gorgeous pool, elegant bar, and comprehensive gallery to celebrate the 2024 Under 30 honorees. Each element of the design invites exploration and interaction. It has been carefully curated to provide an appealing visual environment that promotes.”

    There are also QR codes sprinkled throughout the experience, leading visitors on a treasure hunt to discover exclusive content.


    As Cointelegraph recently reported, Sandbox recently unlocked 209 million vested asset tokens worth approximately $90 million. The unlocked funds were allocated to reserves, teams and advisors.

    The unlock comes amid a flurry of other releases from Avalanche, Aptos, Optimism, and Sui totaling around $900 million worth.

    Sandbox officially opened for business in November 2023. Cointelegraph caught up with Sandbox co-founder Sebastien Borget during the launch day. He explained at the time: [anyone] You can share your experience with the public [and] Ease of access increases the amount of experiences and content people can play and discover on the platform. ”

    Sandbox is entering an increasingly competitive field. While big tech companies like Meta and Apple compete for top spot when it comes to Metaverse hardware, companies like Surreal Events and Somnium Space were first conceived for pre-Metaverse apps like Second Life and MOO/ Expanding ideas. Old MUX/MUSH server.

    Today, Metaverse real estate is becoming increasingly attractive to companies and brands, with everyone from the Atlanta Braves to Ford Motor Company and now Forbes magazine occupying space in Web3's digital world.


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