Freename Joins OMA3(TM) to Bring Domains Interoperability to the Metaverse Industry

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    Freename joins OMA3(TM) to bring domain interoperability to the metaverse industry

    Zurich, Switzerland–(Newsfile Corp. – August 2, 2023)- free name Announced membership to OMA3. The goal is to promote domain name interoperability within the rapidly expanding metaverse industry. This collaboration marks an important milestone in our quest for seamless connectivity and enhanced user experiences in the metaverse.

    The metaverse and the role of Web3 domains in the Web3 industry.

    Web3 domains play a key role in defining digital identities within the metaverse and the wider Web3 industry. These domains act not only as simple usernames, but also as important connectors and facilitators of key functionality within the Web3 ecosystem. They provide users with the ability to access the Metaverse, conduct decentralized email communications, and perform secure peer-to-peer decentralized payments. Additionally, web3 domains enable the creation of fully decentralized websites that can be navigated seamlessly by popular search engines such as Chrome and Brave. Adopting a Web3 domain opens up new possibilities for more interconnected, secure, and user-centric digital experiences within the dynamic realm of Web3 technology.

    Why is Web3 domain interoperability important?

    Web3 domain interoperability unlocks a myriad of possibilities, including cross-platform communication, asset portability, and seamless social interaction. Users can retain ownership of virtual assets such as avatars, collectibles, and virtual real estate regardless of the platform they are using. This newfound freedom will enable creators, businesses and individuals to break down barriers, establish a global presence, and collaborate across multiple metaverse environments.

    Moreover, as the metaverse evolves into an integral part of the digital landscape, standardization is essential to maintaining a secure and trustworthy ecosystem. By adhering to interoperability standards, the industry can establish a framework for data exchange, security protocols, and authentication mechanisms, strengthen user trust, and foster responsible innovation.

    Freename’s efforts to improve metaverse interoperability:

    As a pioneer in the field of digital identities, Freename is dedicated to creating solutions that allow users to seamlessly navigate the metaverse. By partnering with OMA3, Freename reaffirms its commitment to improving metaverse interoperability and contributing to the development of an open and accessible metaverse ecosystem.

    Freename brings its expertise in distributed identity and naming systems to the Alliance and works with other industry leaders to establish robust standards for Web3 domain interoperability. Through this partnership, Freename aims to give users true ownership and control of their virtual identities, allowing them to traverse the metaverse with ease and confidence.

    About Freename: Freename is the leading Web3 TLD and domain platform that allows users to register and create their own Web3 TLDs and domains. Anyone can also earn royalties and become a registrar. In addition, Freename allows users to trademark their Web3 TLD and domain to protect their Web3 identity around the world.

    About OMA3: OMA3 is an international consortium based in Switzerland dedicated to enabling an open, interoperable, user-owned metaverse. To achieve this goal, OMA3 creates specifications, runs open source projects, and operates the Web3 infrastructure. OMA3 membership is open to all organizations that subscribe to its mission.

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