FriendTech Enhances Security with Email-Based Accounts

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    FriendTech, a crypto-based social media platform, has introduced email authentication as an option to increase security for its users following a series of SIM swap attacks.

    In these attacks, hackers took control of users’ phone numbers, leading to the loss of cryptocurrencies associated with influencers on the platform.

    A SIM swap attack involves convincing a phone company to transfer a victim’s number to a new SIM card controlled by the attacker. Once in control, the hacker intercepts calls and messages.

    FriendTech has reportedly experienced six attacks recently, resulting in cryptocurrency losses. On October 3, two incidents resulted in a loss of $70,000, and in the past day, four more incidents resulted in a loss of approximately $385,000.

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    The attackers targeted specific FriendTech users by accessing their phone numbers from user profiles linked to blockchain data. This allowed us to perform a SIM swap on her using information from previous data breaches and platform profiles.


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