From Legal to Financial Advice: GPT-4 Tech on Steroids

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    A few years ago, it might have seemed silly to say that AI would soon take over most of our daily tasks. At the time, cutting-edge AI tools were being used in car factories and some nuclear power plants. But that all changed after OpenAI released its chatbot ChatGPT in 2022. ChatGPT is the tool that paved the way for even faster AI development, including GPT-4.

    A few months after ChatGPT launched, another tool known as AutoGPT was released based on OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology. AutoGPT is popularly called ChatGPT and now users can use his ChatGPT feature.

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    Beyond that, other tools are launching on a virtual rolling basis, from cooking AI tools like ChefGPT to health-focused ones like HealthGPT and MedicalGPT. MiniGPT and DateGPT also stand out. No wonder OpenAI wants to own the term “GPT”.

    Now DoNotPay CEO Joshua Browder outsources his entire personal financial life to GPT-4 using the chat feature his company is building. He talks about his AutoGPT capabilities, specifically how it can give good advice and save money.

    AI Financial Advisor

    browser I gave AutoGPT access to his bank statements, credit reports, other personal financial data, and emails. Using his DoNotPay Plaid connection, the bot logged into every bank account and credit card he owned and scanned over 10,000 transactions.

    After scanning, the tool flagged subscriptions that totaled $80 and were deemed unnecessary and suggested cancellation. The bot was busy mailing letters using the USPS Lob API, automatically chatting with agents, and clicking an online button to cancel.

    In another demonstration, the AI ​​bot was able to cancel browser’s gym membership.

    “Here it is! I used the DoNotPay ChatGPT plugin to ask AI to cancel my gym membership. But we didn’t have to end all conversations.First subscription canceled using ChatGPT!” he said.

    Browder asked the bot to find an easy refund. The bot turned out to be an email containing his $36.99 in-flight Wi-Fi receipt for United Airlines. He asked Mr. Browder if the Wi-Fi worked as expected, and after confirming otherwise, the bot wrote him a letter to United Airlines asking for a refund, which was issued 48 hours later. rice field.

    The next cost-saving measure related to invoice management is for the browser to ask the bot to negotiate on his behalf. “I sent a GPT-4 bot to chat with Comcast and get a refund. When Comcast offered $50, GPT-4 said: That’s not enough. I want $100 It’s done!” GPT-3 has never pushed back so hard,” he said.

    The inevitable AI wave

    Given the amount of AI tools released in recent months, it is inevitable that users will put them to good use. However, there are always security risks, especially when granting access to personal information such as banking records or emails.

    “Yeah, we’re not giving all the information to data collection tools. We can do all this in less time than connecting all your accounts.” 1 user responded Identified as a blind rack project.

    Some users find this an “incredible” and “great” way to save money, while others take this with a pinch of salt.

    “If you’re not doing @donotpay. How can I trust your company enough as a consumer to do this?” Johnhas been called “the first robot lawyer”, referring to Browder’s DoNotPay.

    The company was founded as a tool to fight corporations, defeat bureaucracy, and sue anyone with the push of a button. website.

    Considering DoNotPay already has well over 200,000 users and plans to bring it to iMessage, the tool is definitely working to make an impact.

    Earlier this year, Browder made headlines when he announced his intention to use the AI-powered tool as a lawyer to bring defendants to court. According to reports, the company will give defendants a recording device to feed the audio of court arguments to the AI. Then an AI that generates a response to the defendant.

    Though the project was discontinued, Browder wanted to make history by becoming the first lawyer to use AI to bring cases in court. As MetaNews previously reported, the plan was for him to use an AI chatbot in a traffic incident scheduled for Feb. 22.

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