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    Canadian actor keanu reeves In a recent interview, he called cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology “great tools for exchange and distribution of resources.”

    busy Produced by Wired, the star of the hit movie The Matrix warner bros discovery WBDMoreacknowledged the volatility of cryptocurrencies, but added, “It just makes it better in terms of how it is protected against poop crypto or cryptocurrency volatility.”

    In particular, Reeves is interested in the impact of digital art technologies such as AI and NFT, saying, “There is NFT digital art.”

    While he acknowledges the novelty of AI-generated art and NFTs, he’s also concerned about “the corporate politics behind trying to control them.”

    “I think it’s cool, see what the cute machine makes!” Reeves said. “But culturally and socially, we will be confronted with real value, or valuelessness. And what will be forced upon us? What will be presented to us? Is not it?”

    Reeves became interested in digital art and NFTs and became an advisor to a digital art charity. Futureverse Foundationto fund artists looking to enter the NFT space.

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    This charity aims to support artists interested in creating digital art and NFTs by providing necessary resources and mentorship.

    Reeves previously dismissed NFT art as “easily reproducible” in an interview to promote “The Matrix Resurrections.”

    Since then, he has changed his stance and is now more in favor of new technology.

    “I didn’t understand how it worked, but when you get involved and look at it, it’s like, ‘Oh, wow.’ ,” Reeves said in a recent interview with GQ.

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