From Virtual Host to Metaverse, “Panda Beibei” IP Evolves

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    Chengdu, China, Dec. 29, 2023 (Globe Newswire) — From the Golden Panda Awards Ceremony to the 2023 Chengdu World Science Fiction Convention, from Chengdu Night Market to the Chengdu FISU Games, from experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of autumn to warming up Bei Bei, the panda who spends the winter with us, is an indispensable part of big events and seasonal changes, and has become a heartwarming companion for many spectators.

    Along with the great charm of Panda Bay Bay, panda wandering has already launched more than 30 episodes, covering various aspects of Sichuan, including culture, economy, trade, tourism, delicacies, folklore, transportation, technology, and more. His more than 800 original videos of the show have been released worldwide, totaling 2 billion. It has attracted national and international attention and has gained preliminary international influence.

    (Panda North Bay Metaverse homepage)

    After the first half year, panda wanderingFocusing on Panda North Bay's adorable and vivid IP characters and diverse content, we combined advanced technologies such as AIGC, graphic rendering, and cloud computing to create a network content presentation named “Majestic and Magnificent View@Sichuan”. We have established a metaverse platform with , featuring intelligence, immersive experiences, and real-time interactions.

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    A self-managed dissemination platform will be created using the digital figure of the iconic panda representing Sichuan province. Using AIGC Metaverse technology and a multimedia approach, it showcases Sichuan's openness and inclusiveness and highlights the unique charm of China's traditional culture. This creates distinct platform characteristics in terms of content, interactions, etc.

    Not only does it serve as a new channel for promotion; panda wanderingIt is also a new window for viewers around the world to understand Sichuan, which is a key feature of “Majestic and Magnificent Outlook @Sichuan”.

    The version currently on sale introduces the theme content of “Majestic and Spectacular Outlook @Sichuan Province”. panda wandering, “A big event on your doorstep” and “The lively and lively atmosphere of Sichuan”. The former mainly covers international events in Sichuan in 2023, such as the 19th China West China International Expo, the 31st Chengdu FISU Games, the 1st Golden Panda Awards, and the 2023 Chengdu World Science Fiction Convention . All of these demonstrate openness and international engagement. of Sichuan. The latter focuses on gastronomy, landscapes, culture, museums and intangible cultural heritage, and includes titles like “See how an Italian girl got an international love song in Kangding'' and “ It aims to promote Sichuan's unique local culture, including “China in the Light of Hanzi: Its Wonders''. “Study of Chinese Civilization in Written Documents'' has attracted wide attention.

    (Panda North Bay Metaverse Sandbox Panoramic Page)

    In addition, “Majestic and Spectacular Views @ Sichuan Province” has opened a dedicated content section about Sichuan Province and published four major metaverse maps featuring Chengdu, Luzhou, Kangding, Qionglai, Qingcheng Mountain, Emei Mountain, Famous scenic spots such as Jiuzhaigou are prominently introduced. , Sanxingdui. All users of this platform can enjoy Metaverse's great programs and gain a comprehensive understanding of Sichuan culture. This is the embodiment of the core theme: “Experience the grand and magnificent vision of Chinese-style modernization.”

    Real-time interaction and intelligent communication are another prominent feature of “Majestic and Grand Prospect @Sichuan”.

    Currently, users can communicate with Panda Beibay through text messages and discuss a variety of topics, including personal questions, Sichuan culture, tourism, and more. Furthermore, “Majestic and Spectacular View@Sichuan'' has even more exciting developments planned. Content with a voice dialogue system is scheduled to launch in January. By then, users will be able to have real-time voice conversations with Beibei in English and Chinese.

    Utilizing advanced graphics rendering technology, “Majestic and Spectacular Vision @Sichuan” builds a vibrant and colorful true 3D metaverse environment. Upon entering the platform, users will see metaverse structures, environments, and characters that are familiar to users, such as Chengdu Museum, Tianfu Green Road, Chengdu Science Fiction Museum, Luzhou Dongmen Tower, Kangding City, and Pingle Ancient City. This design provides users with a brand new and heartwarming experience.

    (Panda North Bay Metaverse Sandbox Panoramic Page)

    Panda Bei Bei's characters, which are designed using animals as prototypes and make the most of the distinctive symbol of the giant panda from “The Home of the Giant Panda,” are groundbreaking characters that are full of regional character. In the digital persona industry, it represents a pioneering design in the expansion of intellectual property capabilities, which can be described as a cross-species design.

    (Panda Beibei Metaverse ChatGPT interactive page)

    “Majestic and Magnificent Outlook @ Sichuan” is a combination of video, text, audio, AIGC, and other formats, centering on the panda, a digital character representing Sichuan Province, and the positive influence of pandas on cross-cultural communication. Make the most of it, break down cultural barriers with friendliness, mobilize diverse participants in your communications, proactively spread your content, and convert online users into offline visitors. This initiative will contribute to the promotion of cultural dissemination and the development of cultural tourism in Sichuan Province. Website:

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