Gaming in the Metaverse: An Overview

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    Recently, games in the metaverse space have become a new trend in the game industry. Metaverse games include virtual or online video games built on blockchain and NFT technology. Compared to regular online games, players in Metaverse games use digital tokens such as Ethereum to obtain in-game assets.

    Unlike traditional eSports gamers, and other top casino sites to earn cash, Metaverse Games pays players for winning tournaments and playing games. That’s not all! Games in the Metaverse also give players the opportunity to network with other players while playing.

    Technologies Powering Metaverse Video Games

    Video game developers rely on several technologies to fully create a realistic virtual world, the Metaverse. These technologies can be combined or used separately. Includes:


    Blockchain technology is an integral part of the Metaverse game. It acts as an uncontrolled data hub that records all transactions made and stores virtual ownership of assets. It is also the underlying technology of cryptocurrency, the means of payment for Metaverse games.

    Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

    These digital technologies work together to make Metaverse games look real to players. AR works with human-perceived physics simulations, while VR provides his three-dimensional environment that enhances gameplay.

    3D reconstruction

    3D reconstruction technology helps create realistic environments with real-world objects and assets using 3D images. This technology improves the overall visual quality of Metaverse games.

    Popular Metaverse Game Company

    Since the possibilities offered by the Metaverse were introduced into the digital space, several companies have taken the lead in developing world-class games using cutting-edge technology. Among them, the following ranked high:

    Roblox Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 2004, Roblox was one of the first companies to explore the metaverse in terms of gaming solutions. After acquiring 3D Avatar Creator in 2020, the company only delved deeper into this solution to create Metaverse video games with the highest visual quality.

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    epic games

    When listing the most popular Metaverse game companies, we can’t leave out the developer of the popular Metaverse video game (Fortnite). In 2029, Epic Games also funded Metaverse projects such as Unreal Engine to enhance the gaming experience for Metaverse video game players.


    The popular game company made its foray into the metaverse in 2020 with the launch of Omniverse, software that allows you to create 3D metaverse games. The software primarily relies on artificial intelligence and 3D reconstruction as its construction technology.

    Popular metaverse video games

    There are now thousands of video games based on metaverse technology. Despite this, only a few were well received among gamers.

    • Chain of Alliances: The video game developed by Antler Interactive was released in 2020. In this game, the player roleplays a monster purchased in his NFT (Non-Fungible Token) form. The mission of the game is to gather up to 7 team members and fight against other teams.
    • Christopia: This is another popular metaverse video game created by Antler Interactive. The game is perfect for maze and puzzle lovers as players roleplay Captain Nova. The goal is to reach Christopia, which is in imminent danger. To complete this mission, you will have to solve several obstacles in the form of puzzles and mazes.
    • Roblox: Named after the Roblox Corporation, this video game is played as if it were your own world. Rather than having specific games for players to play, Roblox gives players easy-to-use tools to create and play the games they love. Roblox is one of the few metaverse games available on PC, mobile and Xbox.
    • Axie Infinity: Axie Infinity is the brainchild of Sky Mavis. Similar to Pokemon games. Here, creatures known as Axies form his team of three to fight enemies. Each Axii has its own power and can be purchased or bred using Axii His Infinity His Shard (AIX) or Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens.

    Metaverse Games: Its Impact and Setbacks

    Metaverse games wouldn’t be as popular if they didn’t have their merits. Other benefits include:

    • Acts as a secondary source of income for players.
    • It offers a vast social network that players can connect with.
    • Give players an improved gameplay experience.
    • It opens the door to new business opportunities for gaming companies with the right technology.

    However, the metaverse game world suffers from several challenges. First, Metaverse games have no central control. Additionally, the cost of creation is typically high, discouraging small businesses from embarking on its creation.

    parting words

    Video gaming in the Metaverse remains a thrilling experience as advanced technology provides gamers with realistic virtual gaming environments. The wide range of options in Metaverse video games allows players to earn money while enjoying engaging games.


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