Gender equality: act now to tackle micro-inequities and ‘greedy work’

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    To proactively address micro-inequalities, companies can implement comprehensive language guidelines to equip employees with the language to collaborate respectfully.

    Example of use inclusive language This includes asking and respecting people’s choice of personal pronouns, and changing the wording of policies and guidelines to be gender-neutral (for example, changing “husband” or “wife” to “partner”). etc.).

    3. Strengthen your guidelines to ensure: hybrid work benefit everyone

    Hybrid working has significantly increased flexibility for employees. This is especially valuable for employees who have caregiving and domestic responsibilities that still fall primarily on women. These responsibilities, or “invisible work” as Paula Fiance calls them, place an additional mental burden on women on top of their paid work. There is growing evidence that hybrid working can help women cope with this workload while increasing their participation in the workplace. recent research found that women are more likely to work full time in fields where hybrid work is the norm, and that the effect is even stronger for mothers.

    Hybrid working also has its downsides, as employees may struggle to make an impact while working remotely.according to Deloitte research37% of women working in hybrid settings say they feel excluded from meetings, important decisions, and informal interactions, and 30% say they don’t have adequate access to leaders.

    To ensure equal treatment of men and women in the workplace, organizations should develop clear guidelines on what types of meetings can be held online and which types should be held in person. Companies should be especially conscious of scheduling in-person team meetings at times that are convenient for everyone, such as avoiding scheduling meetings during school pick-up hours to account for employee caregiving responsibilities. is needed.

    4. Collaborate with external resources to help women and girls access safe environments. leadership skills they need to succeed

    Beyond internal policies, it is important for organizations to support employees in making the most of external resources for career development.Associations such as business professional women We provide women with peer support and opportunities to expand their networks and advance their careers through workshops and activities supported by local businesses. Initiatives like this are an important step toward repairing the “leaky pipeline” from women to senior leadership.

    Another example where companies can increase women’s participation in the workforce even earlier is: through sports.according to According to EY research, 80% of female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies played sports during their formative years. Organizations have opportunities to participate at the grassroots level. Sponsoring a local women’s sports team is an effective way to equip a new generation of women with essential skills such as teamwork, leadership and resilience.For example, a global chemical company Ineos We support sports teams around the world.Company supports agna – Swiss Women’s Netball Association. With the company’s support, this grassroots club, set up to encourage girls to continue playing sport during their teenage years, has trained many girls since its inception, some of whom have made it to the Swiss national team. We were able to grow into a thriving and selected club.

    Reframe the problem

    There is a huge opportunity for employers to shift their focus to action against workplace inequality. Deloitte research shows that women in more flexible workplaces report higher levels of productivity and employer loyalty, and are more likely to stay with their current employer longer. By reframing challenges positively, all employees can participate in building a healthier culture that supports women to reach their full potential in the workplace. In the process, we will improve the workplace for everyone.


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