“GensoKishi On Magic Eden With Polygon Friends”

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    fantasy knightis a blockchain-based game and Web3 version of the popular 3D MMORPG ‘Elemental Knights’ that recently made an exciting announcement. The game has partnered with other prominent projects on the Polygon blockchain to announce a new collaborative NFT project titled “GensoKishi on Magic Eden with Polygon Friends”. This collaboration aims to combine the power of blockchain technology with the vibrant world of Illusory Knights to provide players with an immersive gaming experience.

    Collaboration NFT project

    As part of the collaboration, Illusory Knight launched a pre-mint activity, offering players the opportunity to earn points and secure a whitelist spot. Participants can accumulate points by performing various actions on Twitter. This includes Tweeting with the hashtag #fantasyknight, receiving likes, Retweets, and Quote Retweets for Tweets with the hashtag, and participating in other Tweets that include that hashtag.

    magic eden partnership

    The partnership between Illusory Knights and Magic Eden Launch Pads on Polygon Chain brings tremendous benefits to the game and its players. A leading NFT marketplace for Solana, Polygon and Ethereum, Magic Eden provides a robust platform for Illusory Knight to gain popularity and reach a wider audience. With support for Magic Eden, players can expect enhanced accessibility and exposure of their in-game assets, facilitating a thriving ecosystem within the Illusionary Knight metaverse.

    Fantasy Knight gameplay and unique features

    Illusion Knight Online introduces players to an engaging 3D metaverse filled with exciting gameplay mechanics and earning opportunities. Within this virtual realm, the player can own his NFT land, create his own NFT using resources found in the metaverse, and participate in social interactions. The game also offers the possibility of forming meaningful relationships so that the player can exchange her NFT Marriage Certificate. Diverse gameplay modes range from thrilling action-packed combat and engaging his PvE quests to relaxing fishing mini-games. Players can make a name for themselves in the fantasy knight world by customizing their characters with various equipment and accessories. These items can be earned through gameplay or purchased from the in-game marketplace utilizing the game’s native his token GEN. Blockchain technology integration ensures secure ownership and transfer of NFTs, giving players true ownership of their in-game assets.

    build on success

    Illusory Knight takes inspiration from the success of its predecessor, Elemental Knights, and introduces exciting new features. The game contains elements of blockchain and his NFTs, giving players an experience to play and earn. By employing these innovative mechanics, Illusory Knight aims to create an immersive and rewarding gaming journey that will captivate both new and experienced players alike.

    final thoughts

    The collaboration between Illusory Knight and Magic Eden on the Polygon blockchain marks an important milestone for the gaming and blockchain community. With the introduction of the Illusory Knight on Magic Eden with Polygon Friends collection, players can expect an enhanced gaming experience enhanced by the power of blockchain technology. Illusion Knight’s vision of a vibrant Metaverse that players can explore, create, and connect with is a big step forward with this partnership. As the campaign gains momentum and the game evolves, the possibilities of the enchanting world of Illusory Knights continue to expand.


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