Geogentia Launches Revolutionary Service for Detecting Contraband in Secure Facilities

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    Geogentia, a frontrunner in the field of geospatial intelligence and big data, is pleased to announce In:SITE, an innovative service aimed at enhancing security within correctional facilities and similar high-security areas. I am thinking. This breakthrough service is a game-changer in contraband detection, identifying the presence of unauthorized mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, and computers without the need to install specialized hardware.

    In:SITE leverages Geogentia's cutting-edge geospatial data technology to generate detailed, easy-to-understand reports. These reports not only reveal the presence of prohibited equipment within a facility, but also provide insight into common tactics used to smuggle contraband.

    Geogentia CEO Brandon Gregg emphasizes the service's efficiency and ease of use: Facility managers can now instantly receive a comprehensive report on unauthorized mobile devices via email. It represents a simple and effective approach to tackling complex problems. ”

    Proud to be affiliated with the American Correctional Association, Geogencia is pleased to be a part of the 154th Correctional Congress, scheduled for August 15-18, 2024 in Nashville, Tennessee . This prestigious event provides an excellent platform for orthodontics professionals to explore innovative aspects of orthodontics. Location: Site. Our commitment is to strengthen facility security and contraband control, and we are eager to showcase the important contributions that In:SITE can make in these areas.

    About Geogentia: Geogentia is a US-based research and intelligence pioneer specializing in geospatial big data. The company provides its expertise to a variety of agencies, including local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and private sector customers.

    For more information about In:SITE and other services, please see below.


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