Get a lifetime subscription to this secure password manager for $16

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    Keep your login secure with this special $16 offer to our password app.

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    Whether you use the Internet for personal or business reasons, logging in is part of your online life. Reputable sites also recommend that you securely store a unique password for each app; high quality password manager.

    The key is to find a password that is secure and easy to navigate. Sticky Password has emerged as an affordable option that meets the needs of even the busiest users. It’s on sale for $16 until December 3rd at 11:59pm PT.

    This app allows you to maintain a separate, secure login for each site or app you visit, all kept safe with a single, easy-to-remember password. With this one manager, you can save time accessing your email, shopping sites, work platforms, or wherever you keep your information safe.

    But Sticky Password does more than just keep your passwords close at hand. Once you have an account, you can automatically fill out online forms with your address, email, and credit card information.

    This app obviously saves you time, but security is your biggest concern. Sticky Password can generate and save complex passwords when you visit new sites, or create new ones on the spot in case of a breach.

    Your data is protected with state-of-the-art encryption, and you choose where and how you store your information locally or in the cloud. You can also set up how trusted family members and colleagues can access your data if you don’t have access.

    Sticky Password Premium lifetime subscribers get the added protection of dark web monitoring. This will enable alerts whenever a malicious party attempts to use your information to log into an unfamiliar site or create a new account.

    From now until December 3rd. Lifetime subscription to Sticky Password Premium It’s only $16.


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