Getty Images Debuts ‘Copyright-Friendly’ AI Image Generator

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    Stock photo provider Getty Images has released Generative AI by Getty Images, a unique AI image generator that uses only content from its media library. He said people can use AI to generate and enhance images with “full protection and usage rights.”

    Getty Images said in a blog post this week that the new tool uses Edify, a custom machine learning model from generative AI foundry NVIDIA Picasso, and is trained exclusively from the company’s “creative library containing exclusive premium content.” Stated.

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    Getty Images tackles AI copyright issues

    “We are excited to launch tools that harness the power of generative artificial intelligence to meet the commercial needs of our customers while respecting the intellectual property of creators.” Said Craig Peters, CEO of Getty Images.

    Generative AI by Getty Images is an important initiative by the Seattle-based company to tackle copyright issues that have plagued the AI ​​industry, particularly stock photo providers themselves, since the launch of their seminal chatbot ChatGPT in 2022. It’s an initiative.

    In February, Getty sued Stability AI for allegedly copying more than 12 million photos without permission and using them to train its Stable Diffusion AI image generation system. According to Reuters, the company accused Stability of infringing its copyright and competing unfairly. report.

    according to According to Getty Images’ Generative AI webpage, the new image generator is said to be “commercially safe,” meaning there are no “intellectual property, name and likeness concerns, or training data concerns.” means.

    Users can also download and license all photos created using AI. Getty said each download comes with uncapped compensation and “perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive rights to use in all media.”

    Additionally, content generated through AI tools is not added to the Getty Images library for other users to license.

    “We’ve created a service that allows brands and marketers to safely embrace AI and expand their creative possibilities, while at the same time making it easier to include visuals in the underlying training set,” said Peters, CEO of Getty Images. “We will provide compensation to creators.”

    Block “problematic content”

    More and more people are using AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and many others to create content in the form of text, video, and images. But this nascent technology also raises serious concerns about ethics, privacy, and copyright.

    Earlier this year, the U.S. Copyright Office ruled that AI-generated images are not protected under copyright law. This landmark ruling came after the author of “Dawn of Zarya” applied for copyright protection for both the text and illustrations of the comic book.

    Getty Images said on its website that in partnership with NVIDIA, it trained custom AI models “from Getty Images’ best creative visuals” to create commercially safe models and output.

    “And we have taken care to block prompts that may generate and output problematic content,” it added.

    Users can access this tool from the Getty Images website. You can also choose to integrate the service into your existing workflows and apps via the API. According to Getty, users will soon be able to “customize his AI with their own data to generate images in their own branded style and language.”


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