Global Creators Day: Opening The Sandbox To Everyone

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    Sandbox, the Web3 metaverse, recently hosted its first Global Creators Day, marking a monumental milestone in the field of user-generated content. The Metaverse platform has unveiled its grand vision, vowing to house an incredible 2,000 user-generated experiences on the map by 2024.

    Sandbox is similar to popular building games you’ve seen before, such as Minecraft. A place where you can unleash your inner artist and create amazing virtual worlds. And this time they are opening their doors to everyone.

    Unlock the sandbox gate

    On November 3, 2023, The Sandbox did something amazing. Opened the virtual door to all his LAND owners. Creators can now publish their completed experiences directly on the sandbox map, bypassing the initial submission process entirely. Sandbox has simply made the platform more accessible for game producers to unleash their creative potential.

    The Sandbox management team reaffirmed its commitment to creating new forms of entertainment that actively engage and reward users and communities. This vision is already taking shape with the launch of eight new cultural and geographic neighborhoods on the map in 2023, including Voxel Madness, MegaCity 3, Infinite Pulse, Kverse, Lion City, and other exciting projects. Masu.

    Collaboration with celebrities

    Sandbox invites creators to collaborate with top IPs and celebrities with the aim of securing a spot in the coveted IP LANDS. The first IP partner to join us is Avenged Sevenfold. On this platform, throughout the year he plans to hold more than 30 contests and reward the best experiences created based on a specific theme. This dynamic synergy between user-generated content and brand positions The Sandbox as a unique destination where “games and culture meet.”

    decentralized metaverse

    The Global Creators Day event heralds a new era powered by UGC and true digital ownership. Sandbox, with over 5 million registered wallets, 800 global partners, a 20% increase in play time per user year-over-year, and a mobile version scheduled for release in 2024, brings users into the decentralized metaverse. We are on a mission to attract people.

    Sandbox wholeheartedly embraces the Metaverse as a continuous, shared digital expanse where realms and champions come together to create pure enchantment. The Sandbox includes over 400 of his partners, including major companies such as Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, The Rabbits, and Gucci Vault. This diverse group shares his vision for The Sandbox, which is to allow players to build their own experiences using both original and well-known characters and worlds.


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