Global Impact STEM Academy Senior Receives Inaugural Waklatsi Service Scholarship

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    Springfield, Ohio – Global Impact STEM Academy Class of 2023, Cooper Johnson, has been awarded the first-ever Waklatsi Service Scholarship. The $500 scholarship, which recognizes Mr. Johnson’s extraordinary dedication to service and dedication to positively impacting his community, is a Global Impact alum and current Clark County Sheriff. It was founded this year by a public deputy, Kolder Wakratzy.

    “Cooper was selected as a recipient of the Wakhrati Service Scholarship because of his amazing understanding of the importance of giving back to others,” Wakhrati said. “From an early age he was actively involved in his 4-H, which nurtured a passion for community involvement. I became a camp counselor to give him the opportunity to enjoy the same fulfilling camping experience as he did.”

    In addition to his involvement with 4-H, Johnson has been a significant contributor to the local Honor Flight program since his freshman year. Through this program, he provided veterans with the opportunity to visit memorials in Washington, DC and pay their respects, leaving lasting memories of those who served this country.

    “In fact, I was given the opportunity to accompany my two grandfathers who were Vietnam veterans to see their memorial,” Johnson said.

    Not only did Johnson graduate from Global Impact this week, but earlier this month he also graduated from Clark State University with an associate science degree, a feat achieved through the STEM school’s College Credit Plus program. In high school, Johnson was active in his FFA chapter of Global Impact, as well as in his neighborhood Greennon High School, where he was a four-year varsity cross-country runner and track and field athlete. He will attend the University of Cincinnati starting this fall, majoring in cybersecurity.

    “Cooper’s service goes beyond just a bonus for applying to college. It has a deep and lasting impact on the lives of those he meets,” Wakhrazi said.

    After graduating from Global Impact in 2017, Wakratzy joined the Marine Corps and served in Washington, D.C. before returning to Clark County as a deputy in November. Waklatsi is the first graduate to give back to his STEM school in such a substantial way.

    “I am very honored to be the first recipient of the Wakratsi Scholarship,” said Johnson. “Generally speaking, it would have been great to win this scholarship, but it is even more meaningful because it comes from a Global Impact alumni.”

    The Waklatsi Service Scholarship was established not only to recognize seniors like Johnson for their global impact, but also to inspire local youth to become caring and responsible citizens who contribute positively to society. , was founded to empower.

    “I hope this annual scholarship will inspire others who are currently volunteering to continue their service,” Wakhrati said. “I truly believe that through volunteering we can strengthen our community because it instills a quality of selflessness and, as a result, builds community members who trust each other.”

    The scholarship isn’t the only way Wakhrati plans to leave a lasting impact on her community.

    “My long-term goal is to create a funnel program and start teaching middle school, because today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders,” Wakratzi recalled. “Being able to instill good values ​​from an early age is critical to growing into adulthood and producing the next generation of leaders who value service and giving back.”

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    Photo: Global STEM Academy Class of 2017 and current Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy Cordell Wakratzy presents Global STEM Academy’s 2023 Class of 2023, Cooper Johnson, with the first-ever Wakratzy Service Scholarship of $500

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