Golfzon M: Real Swing is a realistic golf game, out now on Android and iOS

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    Golfzon Co has announced the release of its latest title, Golfzon M: Real Swing, a realistic golf game for Android and iOS. We use the latest data and technology to give players an immersive experience that feels like they are playing in the real world.

    Golfzon M tries to make most of the world’s favorite golf courses available in-game as close to the real thing as possible. Not only that, but the game also features various environmental factors that require clever thinking, such as wind speed, wind direction, and green slopes. This is a great simulator for golf enthusiasts to play on the best courses in the comfort of their own home.

    Players who prefer to play solo can play Challenge Mode, which features a full 18-hole course. Battlezone mode features his one-on-one matches, while Tournament mode is perfect for competitive players. All these rounds are played by characters that can be customized using an enhancement system. You can increase your ability as well as your club.

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    To commemorate the start of the service of “Golfzon M”, we will hold a campaign to present special items to everyone who logs in for a week. Match winners will also receive 100 premium item raffle tickets, gold, shaft exchange tickets, gems, and other prizes.

    Chang-hoon YOO, Director of Golfzon’s Metaverse Business Unit, said of the game: “Golfzon M is a game-changing mobile game made possible by Golfzon’s years of expertise and know-how in the sport of golf. We are excited to bring the fun, excitement and challenge of golf on the course and in the simulator to the mobile platform.”

    Download Golfzon M: Real Swing today by clicking your preferred link below. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.


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