Google Play Store just unveiled a security badge for some apps. Here’s what it means

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    Google’s Play Store has been under threat from malicious and insecure apps for years, causing alarm among many Android users. In response, the company is trying new strategies to further build trust with people who want secure and reliable software.

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    in Recent blog posts, Google detailed that it has started highlighting certain apps on the Play Store that have passed independent security reviews. These reviews are global security standard Assess your app’s reliability and resilience against malware and security flaws. Our goal is to introduce apps that meet certain minimum standards of security and privacy best practices, instilling a high level of trust in our users.

    “Our commitment to prioritizing security and privacy transparency on Google Play aligns with the needs and expectations we’ve heard from both users and developers,” Google said in a blog post. “Prioritizing efforts to strengthen user safety and trust will help users make more informed decisions about their apps and help developers maintain the highest standards of security and privacy. We believe we can foster a thriving app ecosystem that is encouraged.”

    The review uses a process called Mobile Application Security Assessment (MASA). This process was introduced last year by Mobile Application Security Assessment (MASA). App Defense Alliance (Ada). ADA was launched in 2019 as a partnership between Google and security companies ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium. MASA allows developers to submit their apps for validation against global standards and prove that they have successfully identified and closed security holes.

    Upon successful verification, Google will allow developers to display an independent security review badge in the data safety section of their app’s Google Play page. While certification doesn’t mean an app is completely free of vulnerabilities, the badge serves as a sign that developers are prioritizing security, privacy, and user safety, Google said.

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    To help Android users find new badges more easily, Google has rolled out new Play Store banners for certain types of apps. Banners appear in many places, including VPN programs. Here’s how to find your security badge:

    When you search for certain app categories, such as VPN, on Google Play, a banner appears on the search results page.[詳細]Tap the link to see a list of apps in the App Verification Directory that have passed security review.

    Independent security review badge on Google Play search results page

    Screenshot by Lance Whitney/ZDNET

    You can also open the Google Play page for a specific app and go to the “Data Safety” section. The details in this section explain whether and how apps share, collect, and encrypt data. This section also displays badges for independent security reviews.

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    You can explore each piece of information in more detail by tapping the links to learn more. Tap on another detailed link for an independent security review that explains how her MASA process works for developers and users.

    Independent security review badge on your app's page on Google Play

    Screenshot by Lance Whitney/ZDNET

    Some VPN providers NordVPN, ExpressVPNand Sky VPN It has passed a security review and can display relevant badges. Google is asking other VPN app developers to sign up for a security test, which you can do by filling out and submitting your application. proper form.


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