Google Search Gets AI Grammar Check Tool for Users

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    OpenAI has introduced several updates to ChatGPT to enhance the user experience with AI-powered chatbots and stay ahead of the competition. The company says the update will be available in the second week of August.

    Since its launch, ChatGPT has received both praise and criticism, and OpenAI is constantly being asked to update it. The latest update, even if it’s a small one, is expected to power the chatbot and make conversations with users smoother and more productive.

    in status update Twitter – OpenAI, now the X platform, leveraged its popular AI with new updates made to chatbots such as multiple file uploads, keeping user logs, prompt examples, keyboard shortcuts, etc. I explained that it improves the overall performance of the tool.


    Instead of launching an empty ChatGPT window, the chatbot now opens with suggested prompts that give the user an idea to get started. Additionally, the bot offers follow-up questions and replies to keep the conversation going. conversation It makes you feel more natural and human, and allows you to explore specific subjects more deeply.

    According to Decrypt, this is feature is already used by Microsoft Bing and has proven useful in creating scope for OpenAI to replicate it in ChatGPT.

    In a tweet, OpenAI said it was “rolling out a number of small updates to improve the ChatGPT experience.”

    Of the updates, the ability to upload multiple files seems to have made users more excited. With this new addition to ChatGPT, users can now “ask ChatGPT to analyze their data and generate insights across multiple files.” available in the printer.

    In response to the announcement, some users called it a game changer and a great update to chatbots that optimizes time and productivity.

    Paul Coubert showed enthusiasm, Said: “Uploading multiple files is a game changer. Very nice update.”

    be identified as another user Usman Agreed.

    “Impressive update, everyone! I love the new features. Uploading multiple files is going to be a game changer.”

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    Set GPT-4 as default

    Another feature, OpenAI, also promises full integration with the GPT-4 model for $20 paying subscribers. Before the update, chat after logout used the less powerful GPT-3.5 model by default.

    Another update made allows users to stay logged in longer and not be logged out of their account after two weeks.

    “When you start a new chat as a Plus user, ChatGPT will remember your previously selected model. It will no longer default back to GPT-3.5,” said OpenAI, adding that users will “not be logged out every two weeks.” I will,” he added.

    “If you need to log in, you’ll be taken to a more comfortable page.”

    While users welcome the latest updates, we still feel there is much more to be done to further improve our AI tools.

    For example, AI Buzz suggested that OpenAI could consider “moving the confirmation button for deleting messages back to the left side of the screen instead of the center.”

    Another user, Gene Zubak, said, “I would also like to request an option to disable auto-scrolling when the model is generating a response. It might also be possible to disable the running cursor. No,” he said.

    industry competition

    ChatGPT launched in November 2022 and was an instant success, reaching 100 million users two months later. Its success attracted the attention of many technology companies, prompting the development of alternatives. In China, where ChatGPT is not currently available, Baidu had to come up with an alternative known as ChatGPT. Ernie bot.

    Google and Microsoft also have Bard and Bing, respectively, and other developers are building chatbots that rival ChatGPT. Reportedly, Apple Apple GPT.

    It is essential to note that OpenAI has a subscription for ChatGPT-4, but other chatbots are available for free. For example, Google’s Bard and Anthropic’s Claude AI are increasing pressure on OpenAI.

    Therefore, OpenAI’s continued upgrades to its bots come at a perfect time for subscription-based services to stay ahead of the growing competition.


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