Graduation Project of Egyptian Student: News Platform Merging Digital Media & Virtual Reality

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    Sunday, June 18, 2023 | 3:43 PM

    Al Alam Canada University Media College students have embarked on an innovative graduation project, Technomedia, the first news platform that integrates digital media and virtual reality. As part of their studies, students developed the first “electronic application” that combines all technology-related events and news, combined with a platform to experience these events via virtual reality (the Metaverse).

    The app aims to educate the widest audience about the importance of technology in today’s world and the extent of its impact across all sectors.

    In particular, it has established itself as the first news platform to introduce new media technologies such as virtual and augmented reality and to offer a variety of journalism arts through the metaverse environment. Users will have the opportunity to experience these technologies hands-on and experience them first-hand.

    This ground-breaking project was directed by Dr. Nihad Mohammed and his assistant Aliji Ibrahim, with students Nada Ahmed, Makarios Sameh, Warah El-Sayed, Redha Mustafa, Hala Mohammed, Sharif Saeed and Yasmin Salah and Ali Mohammed have contributed their talents to this venture.

    With its innovative approach, TechnoMedia aims to redefine the digital media and technology news landscape, bridging the gap between information and user experience in an entirely new and interactive way.


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