Grooming, Radicalisation and Cyber-Attacks: Interpol Warns of ‘Metacrime’

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    • New whitepaper provides an in-depth analysis of the Metaverse from a law enforcement perspective

    A comprehensive analysis of the key challenges, threats and harms of the Metaverse from a law enforcement perspective is outlined in a new INTERPOL white paper published today.

    This document contributes to the Secure by Design metaverse and addresses current and We are identifying potential meth crimes. Heist from Avatar.

    Lack of standardization and interoperability. A virtual world that spans multiple jurisdictions. And the complexity of a metaverse accessed across multiple devices and systems is all part of the challenge facing researchers today.

    Police may be faced with a virtual crime scene where there is no physical evidence to collect, only digital interactions involving virtual assets such as cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

    Because these online environments are dynamic, evidence can easily disappear or appear altered.

    Nevertheless, the Interpol document also notes that the Metaverse presents opportunities for law enforcement, from advanced simulations and virtual crime scene storage to immersive training.

    new criminal opportunities

    The document also highlights the need for first responders, digital forensics professionals, and the judicial system to understand the metaverse and related technologies to ensure the safety and security of virtual environments and protect the rights of individuals. I am.

    Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock said:

    “With the rise of powerful technologies such as the Metaverse, the crime landscape is becoming increasingly complex and cross-border, creating new challenges for law enforcement.

    We are seeing the Metaverse and artificial intelligence provide new opportunities for criminal activity for which the world is ill-prepared.

    Interpol remains committed to being the voice of the global law enforcement community in ensuring the safety and security of the virtual world. ”

    holistic approach

    An effective law enforcement response to metacrime requires a holistic approach that includes multi-stakeholder engagement and cross-border collaboration across multiple jurisdictions, dimensions, and organizations.

    INTERPOL's goal is to help member states understand both the challenges and opportunities posed by new technologies, ensuring law enforcement agencies have the tools and training to respond effectively to this evolving crime landscape. It is to do so.

    The document, released as part of the “Next Generation Technologies and Global Security” session at the World Economic Forum's Global Collaboration Village, was developed by the Interpol Metaverse Expert Group, which includes representatives from law enforcement, governments, the private sector, and organizations. Created based on input from. Academia and international organizations.

    In October 2022, Interpol will conduct the first Metaverse designed specifically for law enforcement agencies around the worldprovides immersive training courses to law enforcement agencies around the world.


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