GS Partners Accused of Defrauding Crypto Investors in Metaverse Schemes

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    GS Partners
    Regulators crack down on GS Partners for allegedly fraudulent Metaverse cryptocurrency offerings. Image provider AliaxandraAdobe Stock.

    California, Texas, and several other US states have slammed GS Partners for defrauding crypto investors through various fraudulent schemes. Regulators allege that GS Partners violated securities laws by making false claims and omitting material details when selling unregistered crypto assets to retail investors.

    Alleged virtual currency fraud involving celebrities and skyscrapers

    This enforcement action focuses on several points. GS Partners business entity Including GSB Gold Standard Bank Limited, Swiss Valorem Bank Limited and GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG.

    GS Partners allegedly promoted and sold digital tokens linked to Dubai skyscrapers, Metaverse real estate, liquidity pools, and other crypto assets while making unrealistic promises of high returns. The regulator said part of the business was promoting digital tokens. Metaverse World Lydian Worldanother investor sold an investment in a 36-storey Dubai skyscraper called “.G999 Tower” The company claimed that these are unique opportunities to earn “huge profits” and “generational wealth” through blockchain technology and possibly gold-backed digital assets.

    In addition, GS Partners operates a multi-level marketing platform and “meta certificate” the authorities said. the agency claims These interlinked entities are Josip Dortmund Heidt and perpetrate widespread cryptocurrency investment fraud, causing immediate public harm.

    Metaverse schemes flagged as fake products

    However, state officials claim these offers are completely fraudulent and have no real underlying value. In addition, GS Partners Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. Soccer player Roberto Carlos warned against fake investments.

    of Emergency measures to order GS partners to suspend operations California and Texas led the way. However, authorities in Alabama, Kentucky, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and other states have all concluded that GS Partners has deceptive and misleading investors regarding the nature and profitability of the crypto assets it sells. They have raised similar doubts about the claims.

    Regulators say they want to shut down these allegedly fraudulent schemes before retail investors are further harmed. Crypto industry watchers say the crackdown highlights the continued need to protect consumers from potentially predatory practices in digital asset markets.


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