Gucci, Pinko, Balmain among leading brands at Over’s Metaverse Fashion Week

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    We have over-released the Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 schedule, featuring Gucci Vault x Per Liger, Pinko, Balmain x Space Runners, Ilona Song x Vogue Singapore, Ecoolska, XR Couture and other prominent digital couture brands and traditional fashion houses. increase.

    Milan, Italy — March 31, 2023that’s allA pioneer in the Augmented Reality (AR) Metaverse platform, Metaverse projects with fashion brands such as Gucci, Balmain, Marco Ruffa of Italian fashion brand Pinko, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Ecoolska, XR Couture, PricewaterhouseCoopers Italy, Polygon, and Ilona. announced. Song Fashion House and Vogue Singapore join the highly anticipated event Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 (MVFW23).

    Over co-hosts MVFW23 with two other major metaverse projects. Decentraland and SpatialThemed ‘Future Legacy’, MVFW23 explores the creative realm where tradition and innovation meet, focusing on digital-physical crossover and cross-metaverse initiatives. Over’s hybrid event, promoted by the City of Milan, is therefore a key attraction of MVFW23.

    Decentraland, Over, Spatial and other members of the organization aim to transform the multi-venue experience of Fashion Month into a virtual realm through this second edition of MVFW.The organizers will do their best Provide better brand support This year, in addition to implementing other lessons from MVFW22. The festival is therefore expected to have a bigger impact than his 108,000 guests and 165,000 wearables last year.

    Meet physically, connect virtually

    On March 31, 2023, Over will launch a unique hybrid fashion show It has a prime location in Italy’s fashion capital, Milan’s Piazza Duomo.

    The City of Milan is the patron of this virtual AR catwalk, where digital avatars showcase designs from emerging and established fashion brands. Over’s AR-powered app provides attendees with an immersive physical-digital crossover experience while opening new avenues for brands to communicate their creative ideas.

    In addition to the hybrid fashion show, the event will include an exclusive AR experience featuring special panels with speakers from Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, Marangoni, City of Milan, Polygon and PwC Italy. Additionally, the day will see Pinko Digital Transformation Director Marco Rufa give a keynote address and Balmain x Space Runners will unveil the Unicorn Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection.

    Emphasizing the hybrid nature of Over’s event, Space Runners co-founder Won Soh said: shoes in a physical environment. Over the Reality offers an apt mixed reality experience that does just that. ”

    Nurture creativity and engage with the community

    Over will also host the world’s first cross metaverse creator contest. In this competition, fashion designers compete to create interoperable digital wearables for their Over and Decentraland avatars. The vision behind this competition is to foster fashion design creativity in the light of technology-driven principles such as interoperability.

    The competition is aligned with Decentraland’s initiative to support the next generation of digital creators (i.e. MVFW Neo) and aims to provide a platform for emerging designers in the physical digital fashion industry. The top 5 creators will win the contest and share the prize pool in the form of her OVR tokens worth $10,000. Their work will also be featured at the Over ecosystem’s special event on March 28, 2023, featuring internationally acclaimed DJ Regard.

    Over’s Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder Diego Di Tomaso said: So giving new breed digital her creators the chance to showcase their work alongside major fashion brands is a dream come true. We believe this is a game changer in fashion and we look forward to introducing it to the Milanese industry. ”

    Similarly, noting the overall importance of the event at MVFW, Over CEO and co-founder Davide Cuttini said: This is because these domains are opening many avenues in fashion, from design to retail. Together, they offer tremendous opportunities for brands, designers and retailers to reach consumers anywhere, anytime. ”

    About over

    Over is a pioneering AR metaverse platform that unites the physical and virtual worlds into new dimensions accessible to everyone. Over leverages blockchain technology and her Web3 to allow creators to publish, own and earn rewards for their content, along with opportunities to collaborate with other creators on the platform. It also unlocks novel and immersive marketing and activation strategies for brands and organizations, offering features such as his in-store 3D experience and AI-powered avatars. Additionally, Web3 and e-commerce integration provides an innovative channel to launch and showcase your products with Over.


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