Hadean and PixelMax partner to revolutionise metaverse content streaming

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    London, March 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hadean, an award-winning metaverse startup, has partnered with PixelMax to develop and power the critical infrastructure needed to dynamically stream content in the metaverse, enabling leading global brands to Opens up opportunities to connect with your audience in large, immersive virtual worlds. .

    Hadean and PixelMax Partner to Revolutionize Metaverse Content Streaming

    Focused on making high-quality, low-cost, low-latency streaming a commercial reality, this collaboration brings together Hadean’s proven technical expertise and capabilities to enable scalable, accessible, and secure connected experiences. , combined with PixelMax’s platform for high-quality 3D environments.

    The team-up builds on last year’s announcement that the two Web 3.0 pioneers will work together to create and deliver unique online 3D experiences, the next chapter in Hadean’s close business relationship with PixelMax.

    By laying digital “rails” into the metaverse, we aim to remove barriers to entry, democratize the metaverse, and make it easier for everyone to build and connect virtual worlds.

    Hadeen CEO, Craig Bedissaid: Working hand-in-hand with PixelMax, we aim to combine and deploy our expertise to facilitate user and partner experiences in the Metaverse. ”

    Andy Sands, CEO and co-founder of PixelMax said: – An end-to-end solution for a class that evolves into a metaverse presence. ”

    With the support of Hadean’s metaverse technology solutions, PixelMax continues to work with leading brands such as UEFA and Epic Games, creating the valuable infrastructure necessary for future partners to meet the challenges of streaming. .

    About the Hadean

    Founded in 2015, Hadean provides the infrastructure and compute power needed to power the creator economy and unlock the full potential of the metaverse. Our Web 3.0 technology enables us to build, run and monetize immersive virtual environments and experiences, dynamically connecting global audiences by providing scalability, security and interoperability. can.

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