Hamdan bin Mohammed: Dubai is the city of the global digital future

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    His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, confirmed that Dubai is the city of the global digital future.

    This took place while His Royal Highness chaired a meeting of the Supreme Committee for Future Technologies and Digital Economy to follow up on the latest projects and initiatives.

    “This will contribute to Dubai’s annual gross domestic product of approximately $1 billion and create 30,000 new jobs,” His Highness said through his official account. He also approved three new projects within the Dubai Metaverse Strategy. We did…Dubai is the city of the global digital future. ”

    His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council and Chairman of the Board of Dubai Future Foundation, today announced the launch of the Dubai Electronic Gaming Foundation, which aims to: The launch of Program 2033 was approved. In addition to strengthening the growth of the digital economy and the emirate’s contribution to GDP, it will position Dubai among the world’s top 10 centers for the electronic gaming sector and provide up to 30,000 new jobs related to this sector. do. approximately $1 billion by 2033.

    This took place while His Royal Highness chaired a meeting of the Supreme Committee for Future Technologies and Digital Economy, which announced the launch of three new initiatives within the Dubai Metaverse Strategy, and which Dubai will oversee. The latest updates and announcements of achievements of projects and initiatives were also witnessed. Committee in the presence of Committee members.

    On this occasion, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. “May God protect him,” he said. ”, for Dubai’s future and to strengthen its leadership as one of the world’s best future cities, Dubai will continue to keep pace with global sector trends and prioritize the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. We will continue to design and manufacture the future economy by focusing on matters. We study current and future transformations and trends. ”

    His Highness further added: “Today, we are announcing the development of future technology tools and solutions, incubating and enabling environments for digital transformation that empower individuals and bring about positive change that encompasses technology and digital communities. We are launching a new package of projects to continue building “in a safe and supportive environment.” ”

    His Highness said Dubai has many promising opportunities to benefit from the wide range of future capabilities offered by the electronic gaming sector, which is valued at approximately $200 billion, particularly with the increasing development of virtual reality and artificial intelligence applications. He emphasized that it can provide more functions. A real experience…and the “Dubai Electronic Gaming Program”. 2033 will attract the most important and leading companies from around the world to Dubai to develop content and experience the digital world by providing support to developers, designers, programmers and engineers. It directly contributes to providing an incubator environment for developers and leading technology companies to develop and create. All entrepreneurs and startups specializing in these applications and creative industries. ”

    The Dubai Electronic Gaming Program, overseen by the Dubai Future Foundation, aims to strengthen Dubai’s digital economy, adopt technological advances, support talent, and in line with various national strategies aimed at strengthening Dubai’s digital economy. , will focus on three main axes, including content development. United Arab Emirates.

    The initiative will create a global platform that brings together digital content makers in Dubai, partnering with many international companies, universities and academic institutions to provide training and work opportunities, and attract entrepreneurs and innovative ideas. The aim is to support people with disabilities and initiate specialized education and training programs. Various fields and applications of electronic games.

    Dubai Electronic Gaming Program 2033 includes a range of initiatives, local and international events and exhibitions, and provides opportunities for partnership and collaboration at individual, corporate and regulatory body levels in Dubai, the region and globally. To do.

    During the meeting of the Supreme Committee for Future Technologies and Digital Economy, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum also spoke about the Metaverse Alliance, Metaverse Guide and Metaverse Pioneers. Approved the launch. The Dubai Metaverse Strategy aims to strengthen Dubai’s position among the top 10 economic cities. It is a pioneer in the “Metaverse” field and will be a major hub for the global “Metaverse” community.

    The Metaverse Alliance represents a global network that includes a diverse group of Metaverse-focused entrepreneurs and startups, as well as Metaverse government agencies and international technology companies.

    The alliance aims to strengthen cooperation in the field of supporting national and global projects that adopt or involve platforms that develop virtual worlds and interactions by identifying partners from large and emerging technology companies and specialized individuals. The purpose is

    Within this partnership, a global Work will be carried out to link technical solutions with local projects.

    The ‘Metaverse Guide’, developed under the supervision of ‘Dubai Digital’, aims to introduce the most important Metaverse applications and helps government agencies in the Emirate of Dubai to regulate the use of the Metaverse in government operations. Provides a comprehensive framework. , in addition to a set of guidelines on the optimal use of various metaverse applications in the development of government services.

    The “Metaverse Pioneer” initiative will equip Dubai’s government sector employees with the most important skills and tools to adopt Metaverse technologies in various government sectors, and create national expertise that will enable the adoption of these future applications in government agencies. It represents an integrated program for preparing knowledge.

    The program will include a series of events and workshops hosted by Digital Dubai over the coming period to identify the most promising future opportunities in the use and development of the Metaverse in the development of government operations.

    During the meeting of the Supreme Committee for Future Technologies and Digital Economy, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum also presented the latest updates on projects and initiatives launched within the framework of the Committee’s activities. We received an explanation of the development and results. This includes the ‘Apply in Dubai’ initiative, which successfully attracted and developed 500 people. The most promising national team in the field of smartphone app development.

    Launched in March 2023 and overseen by the Dubai Digital Economy Chamber, the initiative will develop the skills of 1,000 Emirati people with talent and technological ideas to launch smart applications and create powerful It is intended to provide a platform to power your infrastructure. We support the application sector in Dubai with the support of many institutions and government agencies and in partnership with international technology companies. .

    The conference highlighted the most significant achievements made in Amazon’s initiative to host 100,000 emerging and mid-sized businesses in its stores in the UAE by 2026. Since launching the initiative last March, 14,000 new merchants have been registered on the platform, and that number is growing. 28% for the year. In less than six months, the total number of franchisees reached 64,000.

    Participants at the conference also considered the most important future plans for the Metaverse Accelerator Program launched by Dubai International Financial Center in January last year in line with the Dubai Metaverse Strategy. The program has successfully graduated 10 regional and international startups within Dubai. first batch.

    The Metaverse Business Accelerator Program attracted over 250 applications from the UAE and around the world across four key areas including gaming, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and web 3.


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