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    prominent groups B2B HBX Group specializing in travel tech, We partnered with Weila the leading innovation hub of Telefonica and the Jonathan M. Tisch Hospitality Center at New York University School of Professional Studies Launching the second edition of the TravelTech Lab challenge. This initiative aims to reimagine the future of the travel industry.

    These companies, leaders in their respective fields, are inviting global startups and associated students to suggest how emerging technologies such as virtual reality and the Metaverse can be implemented in B2B travel. The goal is to optimize processes and improve the traveler experience from booking to return.

    Challenge to innovation

    Jose María Pestaña, HBX Group Chief Innovation Officer; The collaboration says it provides a platform to drive tangible change in travel tech:

    “Bringing together our innovation partners and startup community is a unique opportunity for all of us to not only learn and share ideas, but also provide a platform to drive real change in the travel tech space. We look forward to new ideas and how we can implement them, not only to improve our technological capabilities, but also to inspire the future of travel for tomorrow’s passengers.”

    This new challenge edition comes a few months after the initial call and less than a year after we launched our Innovation Hub in Palma, Mallorca. Since the first edition, he has had 65 global startups participate, and currently HBX Group has partnered with three of his prominent companies.

    Selected startups will benefit from expert guidance, access to the Wayra ecosystem, and the opportunity to work directly with HBX Group on joint projects. moreover, HBX Group offers financing of up to 40,000 euros to turn your idea into reality. You can also network with other entrepreneurs at Wayra’s hubs in Europe and Latin America, as well as HBX Group locations in Mallorca and Madrid.

    “It is an honor for Wayra to strengthen our partnership and commitment with HBX Group. We bring our extensive knowledge of the international entrepreneurial ecosystem and the economic growth of Spain, as tourism accounts for 20% of GDP. We aim to accelerate the technological evolution of the travel sector, which is a key element of travel.” Andres Saborido, General Manager of Wayra, said:

    For additional support, NYU SPS hosted a student hackathon. We collaborated with industry experts selected by HBX Group in the United States. 26 students actively participated in this event.

    Tisch Center’s Richie Karabrun highlighted the steady growth of the travel tech sector. He expressed his enthusiasm to work with HBX Group and he Wayra to discover the following innovations that will improve the global travel industry:

    We look forward to working with HBX Group and Wayra to find the next innovative agent of augmented technology that can help transform and evolve the industry to create better travel experiences around the world. ”

    On a different note, the tourism industry has been hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic.but World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) It shows a global recovery. For Latin America, UNWTO has signed an agreement with the Latin American Development Bank (CAF) to empower and sustain the region’s tourism industry.according to Statista Market Insights, Latin America is expected to see a 60% increase in tourism receipts in 2023 And the Caribbean. In Brazil, for example, sales are expected to be $16.36 billion in 2023, up from $13.15 billion the previous year. If you are interested, please check the details and apply below. Travel Tech Lab Until December 12, 2023.


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