Head of Baidu’s Metaverse App Xirang Moves On as Focus Shifts to Chatbots

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    (Yichai Global) May 19 — The head of China’s first social metaverse platform Xilang, which Internet giant Baidu launched in December last year, has left the company, reports today. rice field. His departure may have something to do with the tech giant’s distraction from artificial intelligence-generated content models.

    Ma Jie, who was also the vice president of the app, which created a multiplayer interactive space that connects the virtual and real worlds, has “retired from Baidu,” the report said. However, there is no mention of whether his resignation has anything to do with the runaway success of bots like ChatGPT.

    Nishinami is alienated from Baidu, company officials told reporters today. Finding a profitable business model in the short term is difficult, and the Beijing-based company has been reluctant to pour money into its Metaverse business, given the current interest in AI chatbots.

    Baidu has yet to comment.

    “The Metaverse is in the very early stages of industrial exploration,” Ma said last December. “The development is gradual, so the whole community needs to spend a lot of time building and maturing it.”

    Other internet giants such as Tencent Holdings, Baidu and ByteDance have been coordinating their metaverse and augmented reality programs since late last year. The metaverse was very much touted at the time, but fell out of favor as the focus shifted to large-scale language models.

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