Helvetia Goes Metaverse in Insurance Client Service

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    Helvetia Insurance goes one step further in terms of convenience and digitization. Questions on insurance topics can now be answered by Metaverse-trained professionals. The general insurance company intends to gain experience in the virtual world while assessing customer needs and potential new products and business models.

    Whether you’re going to a concert, playing computer games, or meeting American colleagues, the Metaverse already offers many possibilities. Now you can also get advice from Helvetia’s insurance experts. Anyone with a VR headset can participate in a virtual meeting room consultation through an avatar. In addition to Helvetia Switzerland, the Group’s online insurance company, Smile, also has a presence in the Metaverse.

    explore new worlds together

    In its early stages, Helvetia’s primary objective is to gain experience in the Metaverse regarding new customer requirements and technology developments, as well as new product and business model opportunities. Informational events and consultations in the Metaverse are the company’s first pilot applications.

    Jan Kundert

    Jan Kundert

    Jan Kundert, Head Customer and Market Management and Executive Board Member of Helvetia Switzerland, said:

    “We are at the beginning of a technology development that will open up a whole new world. We are stepping into this environment with our customers.

    New products are also envisioned at a later stage. For example, if the demand for new insurance solutions increases in the virtual world.

    Investing in customer experience

    Immersion and interaction are intended to create added value in new advisory services. Helvetia believes the move to the metaverse will create new and exciting customer interactions. These should produce findings that will help us further optimize the customer experience in the virtual space.

    Helvetia Metaverse

    Helvetia Bath

    Book online

    Anyone needing a consultation in the Metaverse can book an appointment online, as well as a telephone consultation or meeting at an agency. Helvetia will send the access data by e-mail. Interested customers meet as avatars with her Helvetia specialist in a virtual meeting room. After consultation, you will receive a text message or email with a link to your personal offer or to conclude a digital contract. Initially, a small number of her Helvetia employees will use virtual reality headsets and receive training on how to use them. As such, virtual rooms are set up to accommodate more people as a traditional video conference.

    Swiss Insurance Metaverse Trends

    According to Fintechnews research, Helvetia is the second insurer in Switzerland to use the Metaverse. Earlier in January, Smile Insurance also announced the launch of the Metaverse.

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