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    Today’s guest columnist is Rick Burton from Syracuse University.

    I teach an esports class every year at Syracuse University and recently gave my students a variation of the following exam. How would I have done…and how would our industry members have behaved after reading their test responses?

    Agree on this. The sports tech sector is booming, and given that his 2026 FIFA Men’s World Cup and his 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympics are just around the corner, these well-intentioned questions are: Sportico Readers are ready for the next five years.

    Here is your own personal final. There is no correct answer…just an informed answer. Still, as I tell my students, the quality of your answers on exams reveals a lot. It’s a bit like his one in the old inkblot test. you see what you see


    This test should not take more than 60 minutes. Don’t make your answers rambling because writing a lot won’t give you more points. Each question is worth 10 points.

    1. in the book the elusive fan, authors Rein, Kotler, and Shields write, “The strength of video games is that they empower fans by giving them some ownership of their own experience.” It takes back some of the control over the experience that industrialization has taken away from fans. Explain why these two sentences are so important in predicting the future of the sports world.
    2. Nicholas Negroponte wrote a lot about interfaces in his 1995 book. be digital, Watched the trailer for the 2013 Joaquin Phoenix movie sheWhat are your predictions for physical (typing), audio (voice recognition), and eyeball interfaces in the future, and what impact will they have on the sports industry? Will advances in interface technology give esports a further edge?
    3. VR, AI, 6G, 4D, Metaverse. Where will the sports industry land with these technologies around 2028? Show that you are predictive agile. This question is harder than it looks, especially because of AI and companies like Amazon and Apple (not to mention Meta betting big on the Quest headset). Be realistic (based on current facts and emerging trends) and don’t write about holograms. This is explained in question 5. Keep your answers relatively short by talking about the “big picture”.
    4. Given the establishment of the NBA’s 2K League, what should NFL’s Roger Goodell do about the Madden video game franchise (to make his owners wealthier)?
    5. hologram. Snoop Dogg and Tupac at Coachella in 2012. the world of video games and esports and b. the overall sports landscape of the future.
    6. In March, the International Olympic Committee announced that it would work with certain international federations such as baseball and auto racing to create the Olympic Esports Series 2023, a global virtual and simulated sports competition. The program will begin shortly after the announcement and conclude with a live final in Singapore in June. What do you think the IOC is going to do, and do you find it interesting that auto racing has been brought into the Olympic debate?
    7. Two unlinked questions: What should Amazon do with Twitch going forward? How should Riot Games make League of Legends Worlds relevant for mainstream North American sports journalists?
    8. What impact will artificial intelligence have on sports betting, and for that matter, how will AI change video games?
    9. Was Microsoft’s $68 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard a sound business decision? Justify your answer.
    10. If Moore’s Law still holds true (and RIP Gordon Moore), how much better will esports be in 2028 if video game graphics and narrative possibilities quadruple in the next four years? Is not it?

    Bonus question (and possibly extra credit): How will the arrival of Apple Glass in 2024 and its lightweight augmented reality capabilities disrupt the world of traditional sports broadcasting?

    my guess is a lot Sportico Readers can easily complete this exam in less than an hour. In fact, most people answer each question within 30 seconds of her. But here comes a difficult question for our industry. Can the traditionalists keep up with the pace of change? And are the innovators, change agents modifying sport industrial aircraft as they fly?

    Rick Burton is David B. Falk Professor of Sports Management at Syracuse University and former Commissioner of the National Basketball League of Australia. He is the North American COO of his Playbk Sports and his World War II novels. enter the canyon, It will be released from Amplify Publishing in June.


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