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    Welcome to this week’s metaverse. luck We round up the most interesting news in the world of NFTs, culture and the metaverse. e-mail with hints.

    NFT had some good news this week. After months of uncertainty and caution, the overall market surged 137% quarter-on-quarter to a staggering $4.7 billion. Also, personal sales he increased by 8.56%. Reported by DappRadar.

    This fresh sense of excitement in the NFT space was demonstrated by Tyler Hobbs. QQL: Analogs exhibition (open until April 22nd), I attended last week at the Pace Gallery location on West 25th Street in New York City. The exhibition, which was part of his Web3 his hub of galleries, his Pace Verso, featured a number of Hobbes’ works in the form of physical paintings. art mat.

    Topics at the event were how important a sense of community is to many in the NFT space, and how the physical form that sets NFTs apart can attract interest among the non-crypto crowd. or

    I spoke with a local artist who didn’t know what an NFT was. “It’s just a deal with me,” she said, but she added that one of her Hobbes paintings piqued her interest and she wanted to know more about it.

    In my opinion, NFT creative art for art is making a comeback, but creator fees are down and Blur has overtaken OpenSea in recent transaction volume (OpenSea still has a lot of users). .

    I think Hobbs tends to agree with my view. Although he has been offline for the past four months and was not able to directly comment on the current market dynamics, he will return to the roots of painting for the exhibition and hope that people will be able to experience it in a different way. I am happy.

    “People know me for my purely digital, generative work, but I still have a very strong attachment to painting,” he told me. Communicate directly at scale and know every detail. “

    That’s all for this week, but if you’re in New York next week, enjoy NFT.NYC. Maybe I will meet you there.

    in other news

    The Drone Racing League will soon become the first sports property to stream the entire season on the metaverse.Followed by 2022-23 DRL Algorand World Championship Race Final On April 8th, the league announced a two-day “Metaverse Marathon.” The marathon will allow fans to watch the entire race from his 2022 to his 2023 season. In this race, a drone loops and dives at 90 mph over a real course.

    By clicking on the social media link, users will enter a digital twin of the popular MegaCity map from the Drone Racing League Simulator video game, where they will have the chance to meet the champion pilot.

    Drone racing in the metaverse.

    Courtesy of DRL

    DJ and self-label ‘eco-warrior’ BLOND:ISH will release a biodegradable PHA Vinyl record…Equipped with NFTCreated in collaboration with artist nonprofit Bye Bye Plastics, the record uses naturally occurring bacteria to compose the 14-track vinyl for her record #PlasticFreeParty. The NFT will go on sale on her April 11th in her 72 hour sale on 0.04 ETH each. Each NFT purchased can be redeemed for a physical copy of Bio-Her Vinyl.

    Provided by BLOND:ISH

    Web3 collectible card game wild card is hosting the first public mint via Magic Eden on April 20th for a series of 4,444 NFTs “WildPasses” on the Polygon blockchain. NFTs provide purchasers with access to owner-only airdrops, priority access to playtests, and early access to ownership opportunities within the Wildcard Universe. WildPass also offers exclusive private his developer access, including owner-only roundtable discussions, roadmap sneak peeks, and more.


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